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LAST CHANCE I To obtain fiovernment Laads free - that are suitable for general farming and stock raising pu r poses- be fore change of laws as per bilis now pending in (Jongress. 0OflIN THE DEVILS LAKE, lll TURTLE MOUNTAIN, wfcU And Nlouse River Country. north ¦pnrQSrT.vs DAKOTA MUIlLO 2K1SS Over 2,000,000 Acres of R. R. Lands in Minnesota nt the low price of 3.00 per acre and upwanU. Sectional Map and full particular mailed BM ¦¦ ¦¦ frcetoanyaddressbyC. H. WARREN, L Gen'l Pass. Agent, St. Paul, Minn. and flírr Manitoba R. R., St. Paul, Minn. I IILk Obtained in thc United States aml ForeignCountrics. ;!¦;E. ii. i. o i uuur, 70 Griswold St., Detroit, Blich. OPIUM HABIT! SufffTfri from tliis pcfnMrtM lalit will .lo mil lo write to DR. MAItll, of (iulnrj, Mkh., wli.. hui a wmIJ wi.le MpuUtion fol Un cures lie inl dunng tlic p.wt twelve yaarfc ffb tntin pointatoliAciinininiiiratcd are tlie prosrnt stJiíe uf healtii, IíK'th Of tira UM-d, nuil jirt--ntmiuiit ot dniff usi-d, pr wk. K.inltatimn Tnrmnt when damrad. Bua f"r UiHinmifli trom letding )li)5iciiun aint rcpi enüttlTg men and women ourd. r'7ojgfeai885i Rose Leaf, Fine Cut, '. NavyClippin5s P, andSnuífs fypL: RE REST VÍBBimI ' lk I 'I One Dfthe tardecí Bteel mHnufactnren iu Plttrtarg, expreMed thc opinión the other day Uiat h yer henee not ;i sulitarv keg ol i ron Miiils will be mude Iliis Mtk' of Uie Mifílwlppl rlver. "loo Domé One Dftltar" ís truc oiily of Hood'l Saisaparill:!, ind it is au IIBWOiMerabie argiimenl a to sjrcntli and ((¦(Hioiny. Flllly (iilo-liall ol' tlic naciicsiit thc mu 1log offices stampeO ou letten and i"Mal c mis are illeglble furp for Pile. The liist syniiloni Of is un líltélise ItchtiigHt night HfttTgettin warm. Th is iinplciisant lennitlon is Ininivdlatclv relicved liy an aptilICMtlon of l)r lío-tnko'.l'ilc Reniedy. Piles n all foinis, Itch, Snit Kliciim and lüngwoi m con be ermanently cured liy tlic asoof thw real iriinily. PrlCB BO cents. Miniufaiiui cil by thc Dr. BoMtnko Medicine ComjMiiy, l'iíjiia, 0. Sold by Eberbtiol) & Son. liÖS-1253. Kor present priefthere taalwayi a ronif], however mnoh thon suffereíWi hope; the ereatest lmppincss of man is liope. ¦Wiien Bby wa glek, yre gire herCASTOMA When she was a Child, ihe cried for C AST0RI A When he became Mías, she clnng to CASTOKIA Wheu shi) bad Childrea , sbe gave them C ASX' A


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