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j(r , HU TAL frowutï ' B AKlHö POWDER Absolutely Pure. 'l'hls powder aererv&rlat. A marvel of pully,strengttiaftd nrholesomeneu. MoreeconiniKui liiMii tbe ordlnary kinds, audcannot t.' s li] i ii coiii ( -l i! ion with the multitiule ot ow i su sim t trelghl nJnm or phosphate niwrten. k.,1.1 ,,,,lv 'urans UiiïAL BAKINn uwm.i; Co., 106 Wall si. N. Y. ECZEMA! V n1 Evotj Species f I t-liing' and liniiiin Dlsease PltlTlj (nrcd. 1," 'Z MA, orSalt Uheuin, wiihitiasonizi'n Itchj di ¦nul bn ti ag, n. ; ui I . relieve 1 hv warm a i vith Curioua So u1, md ü studie applic-ttion rOurio m, the icreat Skin Uure. ThU repeated ttWt with two or hr e of CiJTicua Rk i i i . v , n r . t a ¦ New H: d ParlAur, 10 keep the blood O'il, pemptral on pur md iinirritatinji, th open, the liver and kidneys ncttve, will pdily cnre lLcsem ,Tetter, Klui;worin, P-oriai-, Liahen, Prurito, 8cl1 ll.'.id, Uandruff. "d mi. rii'-ul In il 11 ', Sr.ilv .1 ui Plniply IllHllorti f the Bcajp aod kui, wii.'ii ihf bwt phytjiciane ud uil kuown rvmedlea rail. Wlll n-liliull. IMS Ilrrliorn "t.. Chicago, i il T:iiy :icmidwi Ajal :i cure of ttccma or Salt { 'i ¦ -u il o i in';ul, nick, füCL', :inn- and lega fot i;viM,i,-tMi ; D i abte ro w Uk xcept on handc D I kne.H lor on yaar ; aiit ible to help hinkelt eiu'h' ¦ : [ii-.l ¦ n uil red - of remedies ; doe pr HMUuced hU c- bopeles-; p'imnneuTly n1neiitl cared cured bv Cutici'ha Kesolvent blood pu il i leí-lía ly.iiml iuticura aud CuiCUBA iiiti' gre it uk In tont) exterually. s ,,i tt.iatnn, s turis a ei .i-alt Kheum unjer ivi ion f .r ieu ve;irs, which covered the i.i .ii '- Had) and limoa. aod to whicn all küown neihoda of irenmcnl hal lieen applie 1 without .'.m flt, whlch was completelj cnrud rtolely hy the C'iiiuha KsMEDIKfl, leavii.g a clean and heallhy km. Mr. Jolin T.iK-1, nikeabartt. Pi., wrlte : I n.i ¦ - ï ..1 luin S ilt itaanm r.r over eii;ht 1 -, ii t 1 i ¦ - ' h -1 in it I c juIJ n n arread to dv b'i-'i mi t t reek tt 'i time. Tnree boxes of ha inllinr i. .¦- r ; .-di. vent hive eulrjl cur.d me of iüis Ir'id til di-eai ¦." Sold by :ill '1 Ig ¦ ¦ t'iice: Cuticub. 50 C'.; ,!khilvkst, il; s ap, i)ct. Preparad by the PoTTKK OiU!o AND ClIiS IfOAX Oo. BoatOIl, Mit-V. T3T1 A TT IKY 'hl' ' ompli'xion und Skin by JjiJiiU n_' tbe ('riirt'HA Soap. "TIRKD ASI) ACBWa MüSVLES, cryinr hron ' i cHiii'W'í-s nérvea lor rest and relief.' . I iiihiiii i in he chi dren of Israel lüSB is the CuiICCEA Plasteb to the BP tired. ov.-rwoiked, achini; muöclea. ff Do not deny youreelf the comfort '7 r5?iïi 'ilorded by thls new, origlral and LlZ&'tifk peed an'ldote to i:iln and infiimmauTtT' At .i. acgltts, 25 -t-.; ve for 1.00. Malled rue. l'or'E DRTTQ AND ClIEMICAI. COMpaky, Botton, Mn-. SANDFORD'S RADICAL CURE FOR CATARRH, Wloh-llazil, American PIne, Oanadm Fir, jtluriïold, 'lover Bmnm. A ln([le done of Hanlord'n Radical Pure Inetaudy relieves ilie moal violent Sneezing or Head Cold-, clears the hjad as by miglc, stops watery discharges from the Nose and Bye, prevents Rin,'ing Roim In the head, cures Ne rvou ll.-adiche, and sulxliK 8 Chtlls and Fever. In Ohronlc Cataaro 11 cloamae the nasal passages of toul muOM, reetote tie seDscs of smcll, taste, aud h.-aring when afleel -d, frees tho head, throat, and broncliial tiioew of offBelT mitter, sweetens and ourlfles the breath, stops the coanb, and arreU the proere of C arrh towards C inKumption. One bottlí Uadlcal Cure, one box Catarrhal Solvent and Baaford'i [Bhator, allUoae packane, of alldruggl8t8furi. Aak ft Bahfobd'i Badioai. Cni. Pot'er Drug; aiul 'hciiiteal o., Bottton. _ M I lll Por the relief and preventlon CULLIV,?!!,. in-lam il i npplli-d, 0 VOLTA 10 ' lih' uintiini, Neiiraliíia, SciV U,l Jy "llf". Coughi.Oolds, Wenk back jYAW2íKioinch, and Bowelp, Shootint; -V Á- I'MiuR, unibiitH, Hyotcrla, Fe .--(.. -y-1 male Puins, l'alpi'atioli, Dvipt-p s3S&&)S fin I iv. r (-(.niilaliit, Billlou Jy)7nX Fevcr, Malaria and Bptdemics A I FCTkic "- ¦"""'¦ IMaHtersJ; i i i _ llrrtrlr llalt ry ASTE "ilha lroa' Plater) and lanjrbatpun. Me. verjwbejw RINSEY &SEA8OLTS lilIÉII AND Flour and Feed Store. We k-ep coimtantly on hnnd, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, Fur WlH.Icsnlc and Kctuil Tradc. We hall aleo keep a uupply ol BWIPT & DBUBEL'8 BE3T White Wheat Flour! I Uu riour, Kyc Floiir, Bnekwkeal Floiir, Corn Mcal, Fced, Etc, At Wlinlesale and Ketall. A general stock of GROCERIES lü PROVÏSIÜNS Constantly on hnnd, whlch wlll ho old on as reaounahlc tiTin au at any other bonsfl n tht citj . C'afh pald Tor BUTTKR, EGGS and COUNTRY PRODUi'E mnertllj ÖOOiH d-livered to any part of the cuy without exira charge. RINSEY & SEABOLT. everFlive merchant IX ANX ARBOR. Should advertise in THE COURIER


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