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The Use Of Sun Flowers

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ThU plant is a vigorous grower and has een extolled as i preventivo of malarial ii:iíes. Tlie seed affords excellent t'ood iir liens and also for horses. It is said íat there is no kind of fecd tliat will leep horses In lie:iltli, give them a sleek ppeurance and make tliem livclv and l.iiited like tlie seed of tlie sunttowcr, ndtng huir a plút nlght and mornlnx. t is particulnrly rfccommended for giving horse power of endurance, bein; feu all ii pjnt nijjht and morning with other eed. The stalk9 and heads aller the eed is worked out, abo mnke good in;ierial for tire?, and are especially conveient in slimmer, when a qnick flrt) iesiied and an eaduring heat is nol wanted. In their growth they niakc ;i showy appearance about dwelllngs and give ui a;reeab](i fraprance to the air. The lalest dlreotlon in the line of utilizutlon of the sunllower is the plantille of a seed in a place at the proper distantes, so that the sulks as they grow will serve as bean-poles. We have seen tliem startod in that way this season, aad us tlicy grow the lo;ives are removed, thus fonning an excellent stalk for the beans, but Wbat the effect wlll be upoa t hom remains to be seen. The roots must tax the feeding;


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