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How Long-named French Dishes Reduce Hotel Expenses

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"Thcre is where we raake or lose.' sam a hotel-keeper speaklng of the cullnary department to a Post reporter. " It lias to be wntclied closer tlian any olher branch of the business." " Wliere do you get all these diahes with Chnctav ñames? Do you uppose nnybody knowb wiia; they're ordering wheu they piek out one? " " Tliat's one of the trlcks of the trade. Don't mention ub. 111 put you on. The worst ut the thiug Is tliut it saves us a good deal. If we get np a bilí for dinner lull of Frencli Dames, nine out of ten persons will puzzle over it for a minute or two and then order u plain dinner of meatand vegetables. These fancy dishea cost a good Jeul bfcause they are r.-ire and require a vast amoiint of 9easoning, gpices, etc, and must becarefully made by a special cook. 0, yes, we have tliem, tliat is, some of tliem. You may flnd several down on the bill th:it are not made up at all. If we happen to have a cali for any one of those particular dishes, the waiter returns with an apology and the information that it is all gone. You see we keep up out reputation, make a big spread on the bill of luie, feed the people on meat :ind vegetables, and if the guestis notexuctly satlifled he gets up from the table kicking hiniself because Ue hadn't been Mised in Frunce or the Black Hills and couldn't read what was set before him. He'll probably uo away nul teil hisfiiends aboutthe deliclous French dinner we set up. Say," he continued a9 he directed a late arrival to the dinin room, "didyou ever see a bottlo of olives or sauce, or any of those expensive relUhes, on the table uncorked, or a dish of nuts set before you without a nut-crackerf I thoughtyou had. I know you have if you ever took a meal here wlien I didn't know you were around. You see if we uncork those tilinga the peoplo would eat 'eru ; if we don't they can't cant get inside of them, and lts hard work to get a busy waiter to do It before you'ie tlirough dinner and cryiug for pie. Any way only one person tu a hundred is likely to want to appear reedy onotigh to taste overything. 'Ihere is only one persou that will do it, and that is a woman. Take a woman away from home and she'll taste everythiug set before her. She just tastes to be tasting- to see how other people make thlng you know, and theu she'll go back again and talk till the next trip about tbat perfectly lorely Jelli or that horrid caUup. Come around and take dlnimr with ua tomorrovv."


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