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MVKOVn D1KBCTOUI NV ARBOK C1MMA.NDKIIY, NO. 18 llie-ts tlrSt I FÚesdaT of eaon raoatta, W. Q. Doty, B. O.; I v. a. folohard, Reoorder. WASHTKNAW OHAVTCB, No. Í, K A. I Meeta Bral MonJay mota month. Maac Handy, II. P.; Z. Koath, Secrelary. BUSINESS CARDS. BE AL ESTA1E INSURANGÏ AGENGY. OP j. 0. A. SESSIONS, ATl'OUN'KV AND NOIAI," PUBLIC Real Hítate soM or renled and rent oollec-ted on reaaonable Lerma. n . , 1 1 bui du tin.l Bral elaa inauranoe Oompanlea repraeented- wllta luauranoe papItal of 110,000,600. Bates as low aa any otbr inanmnce oompany mi loases promptly paw. Offltoe in Watlonal Bank Biook, Main Ktreet, Aan Arbor, Midi. W. H. JACRSOX, r,iEüiiari!iriiiiiJSiii1iu OFFICE : Over Uach & Abel's Dry Good Ston'. Entrañes next to National Batik. WIliLIAiU HEUK, House, Sign, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! PaneriDK, GlaziriT, (ildiiiK, ond CalciminlDj, and work or i:ery deMriDUon done in the beet style. and warranled to Rive uatisfaction. Shop, No, 4 W. Washington St„ Anr, Arbor. W. W. & A. C. NICBQLA, Rooms Over Ann Arlor Savlii=;s Hank, MMWde Temple lílock. QASorVITALIZED AIR A'lministereil for thr ptlilhi ntraeBOB Bi teeth. JOSIOIMl BUKRV, Tlie Prtctlcal TAILOR M CUTTER, oí the late flrui oi W1.NANS & BBKRY, i 1 all :&rv ut bntoM ut NO. T HURON STREET, AVItS A lll.l. MXK ()!¦' . Suitings and Trouserings, And would cay to hls old fricud and Dew ojee thitlfthej want a GOOD FITauda NOBB ai REA8ONABLE PK10B8, culi 011 himand ihey wül he siire ht jii;t imr. CET THE BEST FIREIINSURANCE! $29,OOO,00O. Becurity held for th protectton of the policy CHRISTIAN MACK Bepresent the fbllowlm; Hríi-cliisí compaoiea, o) whicb one. the iEtim, ha alone pald í."i,iK},(XXIUre 1OB8OB in nlxty-ave j cara : Etna, of Hartford $ 9,la,o44 Fraukliii of PhiladelphU S,U8,718 Gemiiinia, N. Y 2,100,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,066,968 Totid )ti Awprance, London.. . 1,416,788 Micliijran F. & M., DeUoit. . . 287,008 N. Y. Umlenvriters, N. Y 2,896.679 National, Hartford 1,774,605 l'lMEiiix, Brooklyn ií, 7.n. 4j:í ; Losse liberally adjusled and promptly paid. Policics issucd ut the luweat rates ol premium. H91tf LI7MBER"i ltjmbsri LT7MBER! it yon contémplate building, cali at FERDON LriiH l'm! Corner Kourlli and Depot St.., and ge our figures for all kinda of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lamber and guarantee AERY LOW PRiCES ? rfriiive us a cali and we will make it to your interest, as our larye and well (radcd stock fuliy ustains our assertion. Tclephonc Conncctions with Office. T. J. KKKCH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop Íi to, UNIVERSAL ii. a yxJ3 k Cntmnii Awird, jjBfcPB"jBl J ï g fc HImc Rtta'il Old Buthi R-newed. ? 8d fcr circiiUw. E. i. KNOWLTON, Ann Arbor. Mlch. A COMPLETE AltHAENGMKNT POR P'ajiiciu and Families. Neatsr iü Cheaper AND K0B1 coisrvjEasriEisra? TUAN A 8TATIONAHY BATIt TUB, WITH NO EXPENSE OF BATH ROOM AND FIXTUKES. 1 riTTlfTl S('II(1 ¦" ''''iit-M po8tae. anil wil All Ui' wlll nmil youraroyal, vülü ItI fl I uatiir, samplfl box of oodi il JJ X L tlial wl" P"1 .V"u '" llie way of miiiln(i mort tnonéy tA om-r taan any tblng elie In Araerioa. Botti sexes "f all hk'b can live at home and work In HpiLre time. or all the time. Oapltul not re'iulri'1. Wc wt!l BtJirt yon. pav snre for thoae wlio start ut rain:, SrixmiH & Co., Portland, Ualne. Obuincd ia the United States and ForeignCountric. l.l HUI nllllllil', 70 GrUwold (., Uvirujl, MicU.


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