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A Suggestion To The Republican Prohibitionists

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Wlth the heat of politica three weeks beland U8 and nearly a year away in the future, a uggestion to republlcan prohlbitionista at the present time cnnnoc be rcgarded as ofiensively partean. It Is based on an incident of the recent election of which tlie Tribune has been apprised by an old and esteemed friend In the country. One yenr ago, a good deacon in Central New York, who had voted the republican ticket nince it Ürst noininated a presidential candidate, prayerfully decidí"! tliut it was hls duty to sever the old tle and rote tfae prohibición ticket. It was with kim, s with many others, a matter of principio. He was not a plunder prohibitionUt of the St. John typs. When he found the republican party üefeated he set about counling the noses of bis prohibitiomst fcllows ag to their former political afflltatlons. He found so few old demócrata in the roovement that Iiis oomscience troubled him. The result appeared this year, whcn he oame early to the polls with a big bunch of prohibition tickets, and procceded to mako hi declaralion tliat he would vote that ticket if auy old dcmocrat would juin him, go that their votes migtit be neutralizad as to the eèect of thelrcsertiou of the old orgaiiitatipnt. All day long he stood at the polling place, urging bis republican prohibition frieuds to take the same stand. Most of them voted the republican ticket, it being impos&ible to makc many pairs on the basis proposed. If rppnbltrtin prohibitionists all over the state would act unitedly on this plan, tliey would soou flnd out that their orgauization is beinc inaulptilated as a mere democratie sideshow. The republican prohibitionist8 of Obio, by drawing democrats into the moveuxut, caused the democracy of that state suddenly to lose hII interest In tbe prohibition movetnent, which they had previously supported with liberal contributlons of money. It is a good plan to pureue, and the Tribune corJially couimeuds to the misguided republlcans who are determined to vote the prohibition ticket the excellent exnmple of the good deacon as related. It will at least ease their consciences if thev will


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