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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN QUALITY AND PRICE MAKE THE DRIVE. Good uioney and good Cloaks are changing hands liere daily aud at a rapld pace, because of the confidence. We are determined to increase the trade ot every past season. Think of buying a IMusl Cloak with ns inuch confldence as a yare of musliii. That Is what trade is coming to liere. Miases' Cloaks, such an assort ment as no othcr house has (is that o any account) ? Can't aflbrd to give any more particulars, it would flll the paper It is an education to Wander through the Cloak tangle and listen to the story. 25 Black and Brown Kewmarkets trimmed with Astraclian $11.00, las weck $15.00. 20 Boucle Newmarkets, Extra quality handsomely trimmed, $9.00 last week $14.00. 20 Mattelesse Newmarkets trimmec with Astrachati f 10.00, last week $14.00. 15 Plain Beaver tailor made Newmarkets 12.00, last week 16.00. In Plush Cloaks we undersell them all Ilow do we do it f We give you reliable goods. We gire you a perfect fit. We give you stylish garments. We guarantee aU we seü. l'lush Cloaks from $12.00 to $60.00 These are illustrations of the great Stocks with which we are equipped for the Winter Trade, and they speak of our idea of cheapness with triistwnrthiiins. Queer tumble. American Black, Gros Grain Silks of several kinds, down from 20 to 50 cents. They were low before. Pnces Leut Week : Pricu Thü We$k : 75c. 60c. $1.50. $1.20. 1.75. 1.50. 3.50. 2.0O. The strictly fashionable Dregs Goods are Homespuns. We sell the 54-inch, best quality for $1.00. Last week 1.25. Also the thick rough goods, If you haven't seen them liere, you scarcely will see hem in Ann Arbor, as a Store that has iut little Trade can't touch them. The cheapest Dress Goods in the store s our Colored Tricots at 50 cents, valued at 65 and 70 cents. The next is our 80 cent Cashmere at 60 cents. The next is robably our $1.00 Ladics' Cloth at 76 cents. The cheapest colluctiun of Blankots in he county is here. We piek out the cheapest of them all. Two yards and a ïalf in width, flvo pounds of wool - no here's half a pouud of cottou warp in t, aud yct the nap so covers the blankct you will look in vain for the cottou warp xcept lu the border. This blanket will ost you $5.00 a pair. We have blankets t a dollar a pair, and they are the best valué you can get for the money. If you re going to buy a blanket, buy one big nough. The most extravagaut blanket s the stingy one that Iets you take cold n the nighl. This flve dollar blanket stands for vhat we are after. There is blanket wisom in it. There's housekeeping wisdom, 'here's economical wisdom. There's very sort of wisdom a blanket can hold. 1 1 1 this is said with the idea that you are eading, are wise. Horse blankets cheaper than ever. The nly place you will find a strictly allVool Horse Blanket, 80 cents a pound. BACH & ABEL. W FMOUS FINE KID BUTTON- COM. SEKSE OR OPERA LASTS, FLEXIBLE SOLES, NICELY TRIMMED AND 3TAYED. THE BEST SHOE EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY AT LESS l'HAN FOUR DOLLARS. ALL SIZES AND W1DTHS. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. PnnTKtDFFTVQ CASE shoe house, lU lUorJlülJJ 017MAIN ST.. - Ann Arbor. Judge Tourgee at university hall, Friday evening, Dec. 4, will have something o say that will interest you, and besides he will teil you " what to do with him," a question that is a difflcult one for a young man to solve, you know. For Pure Candies go to the Banner 3onfectionery at 28 E. Huron Street, adoining Randall's art store. GRAND OPERA HOUSE! ONE NIGHT ONLY. FEIDAY EVE'G, DECEMBER 4th. MADISON SQUARE THEATRE STJCCESS. Wllllain Oillott's Komantlo Uumedy, THE PROFESSOR The young and popular Comedian, MR. JAMES 0. BABROWS ! As the Prosesaor. MISS KITTY CHEATHAM, As Dalny Brown. tWA POWERFUL CAST" Of selected ArtlsU, New Scenery, and Novel Mechanlcttl EflTeola. POPULAR PRICES, 35, 50 and 75. Reserve Seata now on Sale at Boughton's Post-offlce News Depot. UNIVERSITY HALL! MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 7th THE HUNGÁRIAN (jYPSY BáND The greatest Musical Sensation ince the RED HUSSARS, National rhapsodles. Dance and songs by NATIVE ARTISTS. Only chance to hear the welrd and fascinating Stralns oí the "CÍMBALO," THE NATIONAL INSTRUMENT. ADMISSION, - 5O Cents KeserveJ SeaU can be had at Qeorge Oslas A Co., and O. JU Moore. BOARDS OPEN FRIDAY DEC. 4th.


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