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TiiKnnnuiil sumtuary er tlia G1H (Mass. ) fisheries toï 1.Í pi soul v aï hows that thirty-four live were l. last year, and un nvi-ni ;. ¦ rh ol the pri'vions tilt i Thfl men l"-1 left (ivo vvidows and thirteen ol il Iren. Tuk representutive oí un Kii ;. li fli m of threadmakers has wcurud a siUiforu luamiimtti b Mtuvark, N. J. AUDRE Amuuws, a Chicago p vnbi was oonricted on the 21st f (orclng a prison bird to recoinmeno Ufe "f thievery, and was senteneed to oiln yeai I1 inipriRonniPiit. Iski-.iii kTM lipset n lamp In a cabin atSabula, Fa., a few nitfiits ago, si'Hing i'cie to the structure, and two men. who were too dronk to escapo, parishad in the flat" Wan.E in a ut of teiuporary iiisanity on the'üilMrs Louis Steager jurapod fi-.nn a fourLh-story window in .1. N. J., with a babe in her arme, and both were killod. C. A. Thorpe and J. IVhito blow out the gasupon retiring iu a Baltimoro liotel the other night, and were fnund dead fróin suffocation tho next (!y Tni: MOOnö animal convention of the National Cattle aml SorM Gtowars1 A tion bogan at St. Louis on t-ho 33d. A fatal ease of jrellow fever oceurred in a New York City hospital on the '23tl. The l'nitt'cl Stiltes Siipi-i'in.' Courl rendered a docision that neither a poll fiiMM nor a private citizen can lawfuüy arrest, without a warrant or Ofderdt military authority. a desertor from tho United States iirmy. Stkvens, the Indinn agent at Tongni River, telegraphed to Commissioner AtIdm on the S8df or troopa, (tatlng that the t'heyennes hewi ilrol nt bim mi'l m. .1 to burn the buildings. Hkavv rains woro reported on tho S31 at San Luis Obispo, Cal., where t;'ii inches feil in twelve hours, doinj damage to tho ainouut oL tlUl.UUO. A norm. i tenement-house, (llod with Bohemian fiirnilies, was (lestroyed ly fire on the ''id iu New York, and a matter and her t-o young daughteríwperished in the llames. JpitM Stni;pi,F.i, b jimminent (juaker residin? near Chesk'i'. Pa., was killed witb a haU'iict ou tho Zkl by a strange colored man, wlio afturwmd Hred a bain, four hersae peaiiinft in the Humes. M i s in' experts on tho iid diseovered a une vi'in of coal and Inrje deposits of beatttiful black marhle in the mountains t White Oaks, N. M. The recent billiard contest in Chicago for the chani]ionship of the world rosulted in a tie. nnd the three contestants, Schaefer, Binwon and Vignaux, decidod to let it remaní so. The American raackerel tishing season is over The catch falls short of last year's by niany thousand barrels. : some monthK the farmers near Cartbuge, N. Y., have been annoyid by the malicióos destruction of prtperty. Shsptcion fastened on a man namcd Barns ana lii- four sous. and they were on the '.'.'M ordered to leave. Foi k bAdiea were found on the '2d in tho rains 'f the Saaduskjr (ü.) (nflrznary, and four otbera wan missing. 8now to the depth of six luches f fll oa the Mth at Westminster, Md. Tun Ualveston fTex.) flre-relif (ud on the :4th amounted to overl(XI,i)(M Tuk expoi"ts of produce from New York for the seven days ended on the 'Mlh jreie valued at uearly ;"i. IXIXK. Tin: Metropolitan Hotel at t. Louis ivas damaged by flre on the night of the 24th. One iroman was killed by jumping from a window, and it was feared that others ik ri-lird in the lianieg. Hi:nv Hi.k ke.nbi'ko, a farmer living near Warren, O., committed suicido the ether da; l.v tying a gun to a tree. and pulliiiK the ir';;.-!'!1 by means of a atring. Tiiki.k in were aireMed at Omaha on the "4th qb&rged with robbin the post-offices at Beatrice. Crete, Guido Rook Endicottand half a dozen other plnces in Nebraska . Di'Rixn October 36,M8 hnmigrants ari'i%ed iu tliis íMun(!y, haisig fl.17P less than in October. 1884. The hiLhe.-t tide knowu olong the Atlantic ooast for manyyears did vast damage on the 24th at Atlantic i'iiv. Coney Island and Cape May. The damage long the river front at New York was estiinated at t.500.000. On the Hrst bid of Í83,OOO,OOO. the VV.-st ¦Shore Railway was on the 34th knocked down to J. Pierrepont Morgan, Chauncey M. Depew and Ashliel Green. A MMWSi'APEit office, the post office and several other business structuros at Couway, Ark., were swept away by üre a few days ago. The official oount on tho24thgivesHuron, for State capital of Dakota, a plurality of Í, 121. A storm ou the Í4lh rained the Rahway River so high tbat residents iu some portious of Rahway, N. J., had to move to the upper Dtories of their dwellings. Mus. Wii.i.iam Dunlap was convicted on the 34th at Delaware, O., of Cruelty toward her stop-children, and sentenced to imprisonment for sixty days, be to fed on bread and water and to pay tlUO fine. Uki'ídai.i.v heavy snow-storms were reported in sections of Ponnsylvania on the In the Mount Carmel district two feet of snow bad fallen, and twenty-two inchos were reported at Penobscot, noar Wilkesbarre. TnK residence of Jay Cooke at Chelton Hills, Pa., was robbed the other night of diamoads and jewelry valued at $2,300. Ths Colored Oqihans' Home at Chattanooga, Tenn., was totally -destroyed by fire a few mortings ago. Dikinö the six days ended on the &4th even persons in the family of John Gearhardl. o( Maintop, Pa., died of diphtheria. At Bridgeport, Conn., and Fall River, Mnss., great damage was done on the 24th by the tid which rose to the highost point known in years. The continued scarcity of dimos on the 34th caused orders to be given to the Superintendent of the mint at Pbiladelphia to coin into ten-cent pieces all uncurrent subsidiary silver on hand. Thkki hunters, who were catight setting flre to undergrowth, were hanged near Jonesboro, Teun., on the 24th by exasperated farmers, who recently had several thousaud acres of grazing land burned over by flres lit by hunters. A xabrow-oacoe train was thrown from the track near Gastonia, N. C, on the 35th, twelve persons being seriously wounded. Seves buildings were burned a few days ago at New Orieans, and Edward J. Murphy, who was sleeping in one of them, was burned to ilath. The marriage of a Pole and a Hungarian on the 26th at Centralia, Pa., was opposed by the parents of the bride, and in the fight which foüowed two persons were hot dead. At Catlettsburg, Ky., Van Bartram and Green Kirk, two young men, fought a duel with dirks on the 2tith, and both were fatally wounded. Au old family feud was the cause. In a recent storm a barga owned at New London, Conn., foundered, and Captain T. P. Smith and two other men perished. The animal report of Pension Commissioner Black, isHued on the 26th, says that the net increase in the number of pensioners during the last fiscal year was 23,309. The aggregate anima] valué of all pensions was $38,090,985, an incroase during the year of $3,ü:i4,!)S4. The amount paid for pensions was $4,978,435. The claims of 890,334 persons for pensions were flled, and 521,039 were allowed. The damage by the rocent high tides on the Atlantic coast at Long Branch and other points was on the 'Jfithsaid ióbe far Ihan at first rsportt i Ai.H! was accidentally shot and Icillad on l v a ¦ ¦ il ifc. TnB scbooner Hi(;h!(int1 Mid, of Port Sï:m!iv. Ont wm fóund QApiised oa the Sfith oír Cleveland. Captain Olivar and his tu, soos rere drowned Li New Oneanaon the 3Stb Charla L DaTÍs, proprietor 'f Davis' Consolidated Bbaw, while bandluig apjstol in hiiroom ata botel, aceidontally shot his wif e fatally. s i aftorward Darispmttbe pi-iol ti liit. own i ¦ ¦ r l umi blew his brnins rat. A LODSING-HOÜBE at New Orleans was destroyed by Mro the othor morning, and BdwárdJ Murphy peritbed in the dames. In a helt, nmuntl lii waiflt was f OUnd foüK ohfldren were killed and several othcrs woiiniliid in Jersey City on tho 26th the fnii of a oondemned four-story buffding. W. H Smiim. a teller in the Socond National Bank at St. l'aul, Mimi., absconded on the 25th, and his accounts showed a kortage of H80O. 'l'ni: amiual report of H. W. Cannon, Comptroller of the Currency, issued on the 2."ith, shows that during the year ended NoTi'inbor 1. iss"i, 146 bankt were organized, making tho total numbar now in existence Thanksgivin D.t was generally observed throughout the country. Anorhw Bku;, President of the dafunct Hot Springs (Ark.) National Bank, was arrosted on the 27th, chargod with embeuling 110,000. Tsque were 3B8 bnrfneM (aflore in tho UuiU-il Btataa iluring the seven daV endeil on the 27th, agaiaet ü( in the preotding weck. The loinl auxaber of failurcs from .I.uiiKirx i lust lo date is 10,086. At Northfield and other plaoej in Vermom the thermometer regUtered ton degraas below ero on the 27th, and in portions of ifaaadnuDtti and New Hampshire snow feil to t !ic dt]th of two feot. Fbeiohi brains oolllded nearMiosoula, M. T.. o lier ciay, destroying much proper.1 killing threemeo and wnwndii g i ¦ i irni óthers. Cijmmittees represeiitiiig the National Cattle (irowers' Asso.'iafion mul the National Cnttle and Hoiso Breedors' Association met at Springfield, 111., on the 3Tth and romied ; now organization to be oalled the Qattle Groweis' Asaociation of the United Sta In:: sp 'cial-delivery letter system iuNew York, Brooklyn and other cities was on the 8Tth èon lidered to e a failure. l Si,mc, living near San BernuniuMi. Cal., was luipriaed by four Indians "ii the Uh, wiio, fjiiling to Monre the whiskey tliey demandad, roasted Btantón alive. Tur: strikjng pORl-minsrs near Pittsburgh, Pn.. attacked the non-union wolkers on the 2?th, 'injuring many of thcm soverely, and five probably (atally. Moro trouljle was auticipatod. ADVtOM of the STtb from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, KaiiKas and Nobraska itate that the winter wheat erop was in a promlsing conditlon. TnE steamer Kinma Oraham, of the Cinciimiti packet-line, rank on the 27th sixteen milos Im'Kjw Parki r-.lmrg. V. Va., the Bieman and several deck-hands being drow n 1. A DiAïit from yeilow fever occurred on the JMh on board the steamer Venezuela in the harbor of Wew Oiloans. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. ¦Uil S. 8. BoBBKTTlt, Commander-inClii.'f '.' l: and the National Council havo decidt'd apon San Franciseo as the place for holding the National encampment next year. Bahtixtt Tuipp, of Yankton, has been appointed Chief-.7ustio of the Supromo (nut of the Territory of Dakota. AV'ii i ui S. H'aiivi:];, Ferd Ward and J. Henry Woil; were indioted on the UW by the Unitid Htates Grand Jury at New York for conspiring ngainst the creditore and stockholders of the Marine Bank. Thomas A. Dovlk was on the ÍMth reelected Mayor of Providence, R. I., for the seveateenth time, by a majority of 2,946 over tfes Prohibition eandidate. Tal l'i'-siil.-ut on Ui" 24th appointed M. L. Connack, of Grand Forks, Secretary of Dakota Territory. A. Hfn'dkicks, Vice-President of the United States, died very suddenly at hi rcsMenre ir. lndianapolis at 4 :4." o'clocÉ on the iKternoon of the 2öth, of paralysis of the beart. During the day he had complained some of pain, but no serious result was anti' -ipatt-d. Mr. Hendricks was bom near ZajesviUe, O., September 7, 1819, and becuna a resident of Indiana the same year. He was married near Cincinnati BeptemberSB, IM6, to Miss Eliza C. Morgan, who survives him. Is the eleotion at Atlanta, Ga., on the 36th prohibition was carried by 396 majorIty. Tuk Circuit Conrt of Cincinnati od the ;..i!i ordered ¦ rtüifutes of election to issue to the tour Republioan candidatos for the Ohio State Benate from Uamilton County. llo Jskehiah W. Dwioht, a member of the Fortyh'fth, Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh Congreases, died at Dryden, N. Y., on the 2titb, aged eighty years. The complete official returns of the recent New York State eloction show that the total vote polled for Governor was 1,064,188, "f wJticb Hill (Dem.) received 501,418; Davenport (Rep.) 488,737; Bascom (Pro.) 80,806; Jones (Gbk.) 2,127. Hill's plurality over Davenport, 11,691. For Lieutenant-Governor the plurality of Jones (Dem.) ov Carr (Rep.) was 3,183. Ex-Senatok SriAüOV, the California millionaire, left charitable bequests ainuunting to $110,000. Mr. ant Mits. Aaron NionTiMGALE, of Ogdonsburg, N. Y., celebrated the seventysecond anuiveiüary of their marriage ou the 27th. Mr. Nightingale Ie ninety-seven and his wife ninety-four. Tue New York Grant monument fund on the 27th passed the $100,000 mark. Tn e Oregon Legislature on the 27th passed a bilí prohibiting prize fighting in the State. Peter Donahue, a pioneer of Californio, ranking nraong tho inillionaircs, died suddenly in San Franciseo on the 27th. He was President of the North Pacific Road. It was anuounced on the 27th that the anti-Prohibitionists would contest the reiultof the recent election in Atlanta, tía. FOREIGN. The Sorvians had on the 23d evacuated all the positioiis held by them, and at latest idvices were still retiring. Russia and EnKland had indueedTuckey todispatch anote to Servia, counseling Milan to stop the war. The steamer Iberian, ashore on the Irish eoast, broko up on the 23d, and her cargo, valued at i'200,000, was destroyed. One of her boats, containing fourteen men, wm missing. Mb. Paunell on the 28d withdrew from the contest for member of Parliameut from the Irish district at Liverpool. The British expeditionary force in Burtnali had on the 23d captured two more towns without encountering serious opposition. King Theebaw was awaitiug the Knglish at Mandalay with a large force. Severe shocks of earthquake were feit on the 23d in various portions of Spain. Choleka has flnally disappearod from Spain, and clean pormits are granted vesselg ailiug to America from the lately infected ports. 8iM9 Sc Co., of London, wool brokers, failed on tlie 2:!d for L200,000. The French Senate has adopted a treaty of commerce -with Burniah. Duni no the twenty-four hours ended at six p. m. on the 24th there were twonty-five deaths from small-pox in Montreal and its suburbs. Kino Alfosso was reported to have died in Madrid on the 24th. Subsequeut advicos were to the effect that he wiu scriously UI. Tuk Bulgarian army had on the !Mth driven the Sei-vians back to their own soil with givat loss, and King Milan had been compcllcd to abdícate his throne. At an election riot on the 25th in Nottingham, Eng., forty-seven persons were ininrari.


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