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C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! u. 4 South Main St., Ann Arbor. Theoltlest agency in ttieclty. Establlshed over a quarter of a ceutury ago. Repreweating followlng flrst-class companlus, wlth over CitpitHl and li HOME INS. co., of New York. i ( INT! NKNTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA IN3. CO., of New York. Gm.YKD INS. CO., of Philaüelphla. nlUIONT INS. CO., of Hartford. ( i M MKRCIAL UNION, of Loudon. LIVERPOOL LOMDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Rostoa. Ralfs l,ow as tlie Lowest, Losses Liberallj Adjusted and promptly l'aiil. C. H. MILLEX. DYSPEPSIA. Sedratr.' lital worry. nérveo excitonifir, cw-'j r iinnrmU'Ufe in eating or drhikiivr. umi varloua other csusf. iuaur ¦ I i: ., i Collowed by (jeueral der llver, kklueys and stoniu'h. in whh'h the disorder oi Meh orean incri anea i li iuflrinity oí ihe otuera. Tho Inimi iatt1 hsiiIm ure Losa af Appetltn. ! Hemtburn, FItulenco, l)izziness, .irk Heudacheg, Miara of pbvalogl nul mental rtaor. dtetresring ¦ente t uictebtondfultoetiintbe stomach, and itK'iv.'HPd Oonvcmw, 11 of which are known undcr on brad as Pyspppsin. tnererv imtitnoe whfirfi thit iijimnfi tiirn Dot orlginAte froin ncrofaloai taint In the blood. Aykr's 1'it .t.s niay be oonfidently relied upon to effect a cure. Those case not aiiiiiuible to the eiirutive lnfluence of Aykk's 1 '.7.1.8 alono will certalnlj vlcld f the Pills ar aiiled bythfl ow-rfult)loodpurifytiig properties L Aykk's SaksapaRII.I.A. Dyspeptlos shmiKl know that the longer trealiui'iil of tlieir malady is postponed, the more dilttcull of cure ít beeouies. Ayer's Pilis Never fail to relieve the bowHs nnd promote tbeir benhhful nnü regnlur nction, and tlius euro Dyspeput. Tcmporury pallintives ;ill tin permtuient liarm. The ntful iKtivity Inio whioh the wJeebled stoiuai'h i spui ii U bj llWtteri,w anti tüooholte slimulanN. Is iiu-vitubly followed by reftcltoH tluti tonvel the urguu weftker than befure. 'Cotivt'iiK, Imluctd by my icdentary habita of t broste; Ayer's PilU affordod iiw Bpeedy uliff. Tbetr eeoaaloBal hm ha ilnOB kapt m - :ill rigtit." IIehmann Iíhinuuott, Ifewark, X.J. "I was iinï;ii-c(l to try Aveu's Pili-9 as í IWBCdy for I iHÜolion, CouHtlpHtiou, nnd Headalit from wlrfch 1 had l.-nr bun .1 hui'fiTcr. 1 faund i' actioB Htiy.wid obtktawd promjt ivlii f. Tby Iwto bfiidiu-d me D tbhi. tw bofo ti.-d." M.V. Watbon, IuJ Mets St., CUUayo, Ui. "Ti. v ! ivo tii tl rol y RTtated th coMtivp h:tit, nnd ;-t!¦ Improved my (fODenU Ivalth." Hkv. Kiï.;( ifl B. ÜAiiLowE, AtUntta, da. ¦Tht raont 1 iTci-iivo uid tlw eadtat pbylo I li.ivr t-' r round. One dése will qulckly mora my bowelrt and (Vee my lieud from paio." W. 1 Tauë, liichmond, Vu. 'A mfforrr trom IAvot Complalnt. Dyipep-ia, ui l eurfti(fla for Um lant twenty v. 11 -,., PiLU liuve bent-fited me moro thati my in dlcino 1 liavo btct taken." I. H. llOGEKS, Xfedmorf, Jirown Co., Jnd. "K.r lvHppKia tluy are lnvaluablu.1 J. T. H&TKS, .'e i(!, 7'eja.v. ÁYERS PILLS, pkkpared by Tr. J. C'. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. .-old Ijy all Drug! [loop HSTTTfeRS! Burdock Blood Bitters ron That Ache in Small of Back. Burdock Blood Bitters JtlUKVES Weary, Ac hing Bon es. Burdock Blood Bitters CURIS Dyspepsia. Djapepala. Gkkts:- I feel it mydutyto sayrespecting Burdock Blood Bitters, that it i8 the best medicine I erer took. I suftered two or threeyears from stomach troubles and dyspepsia, well as from liver and kidney complaint. I was not able to attendtomy business. MywifewasaflSicted in much the same way. We read of your Bitters ia the papers and made up our mind8 that we would try thtm. The result is my wif o and I began to improve at once, and I uu dow able to do more hard work than bef ore in ten years. It rel ie ved my ' kidney troubles as well. We both wism you.memukent.Goced Gheisea, Vt. "ÖANDËÊ DOUBLÉ THICK K Ordinnry Ruliher Boots iwJiñiBMCl! alwavs wcnr out 11 ton ¦ Mr"ifiTÍ tne buil l'.nMiH. 13NHW"itoM ]l.ot8 aro doublé HNhmaMj4i M on the buil, and glo lü'TiiinffHl DOUBLÉ WEAK. B9Wiki3Í Most tconomical Rahh"r ¦VMTWnKt lioot in tbc marker. HfrWpiiQ Lasls louter th;m ¦ililllsfifSHr otbc-r boot and the Bj54AlZiW5T PBICE O HI0I1KK. KM Cali and sm amine the Ji'mm ''¦' " PFOR SALE BY For ale to the trade by K. & J. CÜMMIXGS &C0., Detroit. ¦ nTTim Sc'ni1 lo'!ents ancI wo I i III wlll miiil you frer aroyiil, vhI i t I H I nable, snmplc box of (oodi II l II I tlmt wMl put you In the ra) ¦¦¦ of i imki nu more mouty at .min than nythlngelsc In A mirlen. Hotli fin ifnll iiK-M can Uve at home and work ii spnre time. or all the tlmn. C'rtpltal not r qulred. We will start you. Immense pivv uure for those wuo start at once. HriNsoN A ) Co., Portland, Mivlne. EVERY LIVE MERCHANT I ANK ARBOK. Shoulci advertise in THE COURIER.


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