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St. N cholas for January. s both of time anU eontents aoother Chrhtmas mraber. W. D. Howells leada off with lis long-promised story, whicb is delight'uliy uncODTentioDal, and ba tlie bewilderinsfly uijTgestive title, "ChristmM ívery Day," and soux; amusiui; lli ons by liis little daoghter. M re. Ki i Jodgson Burnett fouowa wlth nm nstallmcnt of hor channing seriul, "L(t Ie Lord Fnimtlerov ; " Horace !.. Ier, Ihe author of the favorito "Bodley" ooks, contributes the opening chanten if bis story of tlie llfe ot Georjjc VVaslington, ¦wliich wil! l)i_' Illustrated Ironi nany sources; tliere is a short 'íiit oí l'alk for Young Folk," by IlcUn Jackoti (H. H.); and H. H. Bojeseo n me of his cutertaining tales of two eoninents, called "Ki; Bans and Little lans," for which W. A. Bogen i u illugratlons. Hophie May !i a brlght aml inicly story about "Stuit a ('huw on S lio,'1 witli ¦ fuU-page picture by l. linton Peter'sj anl Herektah Birf.tervorth tclls how Irte "OraiiUmoth Orandmother's Christnms Candlc" reiclled an Indian invasión in colonial d 'Nick Woolion'B Ride' is a clever % : ketch by Hose Ilawthorne Lftthrop, i llustrated by George Foster Barnes; here is a full-paj;e polar benr picture t" John T!. CoryclPs sketch, "The Kinir ol he Frozcn Kortii;" and Snaii idjre's verse, "The Secret oí It," teil hcir (iwn ;-toiy Wltbout tli: need 't ï 1 1 1 1 - - ratioii 'oimpii umi,, omorig the varled features of the January Ccutiiry are tlie short tories. "Troublc on Lost Monul ty Joel Chandler Harria (Uucle Menu s even more powerful tnan lus loncer Iiaractcr noveltHte, "At Teagua Potoi hc scène of both being laid amougtbe ouuiisblners of uorthem Georgia, Los) ilountain is a nelglibor of the Keni noiiiitain i.isiicrnini a Atlanta camnaigo ; and that lts people are curiouily iliarliically revealed by Mr. Hftrrls, and also y Jlr. Kemble, wlio gnppliet the characit Hkctclics. 1 ii the otlier short story of lie number, "The CloTerfleld'i Carrlage," y Frank EL Stockton. tlie moive is the desirc of a negro coacbtnan vho had lof t his formev owners, in order o inake his freedom Bppear a rcalily, tn scorer his tonner dignity as a tnistpil ervant of tlie family. Mrs. Mary HJok Foote's new serial of Western Mr, 'John Bodcwin's Testiinony,"' in the hird part points stronirly to drmsütic ituations. Mr. James'a "liostonians" as urne new and Interettiiig pbases a ii ilproarhes the conclusión, which w ill be reached in the next number. A nortralt f Verdt, the composer, ia the froi vhich k accom patiied by :m enl laper by FreJerick A. Schwab. I m fluister Besiamln's second paper on 'The City ot Teberan" is replete with ildcnts relatlog to the. lite of the people. VV. J. Liuton, the well-known autbor and engraver, contributes botli tlie [jortl md tlie text of "Some European licpubicans," wbicb lnclude Mazzmni. to the 'Tyi)ical doos" series, John S. Wip', of Virginia, and John W. Munsoii, contribute papers on 'Pointers," illustrated wiili engravings. A subject of soientitic interest, treated in a thoroughly popular M s the paper on "Peathered Fono Other Days," by Dr. B. Bbuteldt, I . S A. Among the illustratinns are a rein Ark engraving of the fossil reiuain nf ¦ èathered rejitile, or feptlle-llke hlrd with eeth, and several restoratloni ol inct forms frotu drawlag In Dr. Bhueldt. In his concliulin paper on Ilie Lesson of Oreek Art," Dr. Charles Waldtein- the young American who is I ec;urer on Greek Arcfateolosy al 'i"1 ' ish University of, he education of the Ameri. and advocates general literary and culture, as well as technical art -tuil .


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