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Aun Arlior IVh( Ofllcc Ann Arbor Time. Office Hours : t.rruTAl 7:t . ni lo :iU p, ui Hundíyx StOU to 10:1(0 . m luoliiK and Oi.-iiiiik of malla. Mnft Oloe - ooino bast. Lork poucb to Detroit 6:15. m Detroit A Urand Kaptds K. P. 0 10.3o a. m Detroit ChiCHKO K. 1'. ti 5:15 p. m De roit, Threo Kivere Chicago K. P. O . .tí:(K) p,m K.l'. o 8.00 p. m. (OINU WKST. Detroit, Jackson & Niles 0:15 a. m. Detroit x Chicago R. P.o 10:3(1 a. m Detroit Urand Kapids 5:15 p.m. Detroit ifc Chtcago (tP,0 - 8:00p.m. QOINQ NÜKTH. Bomh Lyou & Toledo R. P. 0 9:10 a. m. OOING BOUTH. Lock Pouch to Toledo 7:15 a. m. South Lyon & Toledo K. P. O _„ 3:1)0 p. n. UAILA DI8TKIBUTKI) (Katern.) Detroit Chicago R. P. O.. 7: 14 a. m. Detroit malí 10:00 a m. Detroit Chicago U. P. 0 11 JO a. m. Detroit Urand Kapid? U:40 i. ín. (Western,) Detroit Chicago K. P.O 7:45 a. m. Detroit Urand Kapids ll,Ua.m. Detroit Chicago R. 1'. 0 6:40 p.m. (Norihorn.J South Lyon & Toledo K. P. 0 3:30 p.m. (Southern.) South Lyon & Toledo R. 1'. 0 11:00 a. m. Lock pouch from Toledo 7:45 p.m. Ann Arbor & Whitmore Lke malí closes 0:30 a. m., and te diatri'jutert 6:40 p. m. KDWAKD DUFFY, P. M. Dated, July 1, 18S5. KrlendH oí The t'oiirivr. who have bnHtneeiH at the Probate Court, will pleane reqnest Jndice llurrlman to end t h ¦ ir Printlnk to thiH o !¦.


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