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Atthefirstannual meeting of llietockholdera of tiie Ifoptonlc Company, Üxe following gentlemen nero elected ilireitors of the ensuing jrear Henry Spring; Joun S. Long, Wm. D. Tolford. Chas. F. Cobb and Walter S. Uick-. The followitig s part of the addresa of (ieneral Manager Ilirks to (lic stookholders: Mr. President nnd nrother 8toeto - As stockholders in the Hoptoiiie t pany, we have eood and great rcasons for congratulation and pnd.: over our actual condltion and progpects at tbia, our hrst animal meeting of stockholders, siuce we becaine an iucorporated body I have no doubt to-day our record is ahead of any medicine company In wortd ' "" "'illk t safe t09a'tilc I wifIi i.) r.tll your attention to the tacti: We are but six months ol.l. Our plant, 1 mean our manufactorj-, as now equipped for manufacturing juii)osef bagnoequal; our capacity is afmost unhuilted, und with our machinciv and facilities, we can put our goods on tbe inarket ut the l„wcat poesiüle price, atul are prepared to meet aOy demand that may be created. This nll had to be bought, plannel, arraii'ied and paid for - whicli has been dono in the time named. Our goods wore iir-L put mon the ZVuthe??J "ullpst seas" "f ' year j,all and Winter are alw.y, dull, the Spring and buminer our liarvi-i time 1 hen too, we starled wid, a new remedy entirely; the public had to be cduc;lted compietely, as to lts virtue and merit Pntl HCt M "r lirst fald tbe sis New England btates, now, you can not select 8lx htates in our Union as conservatie as slow to more, or more keen lo investí f ,' ,? Üie 8tald' Puritaiiic old Eoghiíul- f6 u V adrti8"'ff matter on ;.th!s , ad to be plauned and pub ished-in this we have been perfectlv original, we have stolen nothini, copiej nothing, of plaigarism we can not be onvictec l ; our advertisinor 3 of a lllgu ,if ary charoter and „tutes nothing out Wtaal are absolute facts; In thi.sweare hljrhly comp hmented by men that it mak proud to receive a compliment frora; our t,M 81g"8,' painted ia oil' !lre "' celled; we have the largest and best signa ever pu up n the city of Boston, our and of h P"ntln re PerfeCt Bes. of eïe 'bousands of signs made, and now on hand, no two are alike. In thla we have not trespand upoii the rigbta pu "LOne Coloilel WWtney and in Th copym.if. Dut are leaders id i tbeir profession. Our books or pamptuetg have been seattered through the principal cities of the East; our alfns are up in the best loealities; the prcss of JNew England is teeming with the untoli "lessing it ia to have a eompany maiiu'actunng "Healtli to the World" (Hoi;wiic). Uur testimonial are now comiug In daily, and from the best raen anti women of our Natlon. PeptonLzed beef ïas a wonderful mission j-et to come! The profession can't denouuce Hoptonle ! Now, our tinaneial conilltion : This is always important. Atter doinjf all thU work and payingior the same- the direct eneflt8 of which is to come to us later, as nearly all are convicted and are f is't converted- what are the solid and sound 'acts as to our financial Oonditlonf The report of our worthy secretary, Mr. C'obh, haabeen read to you all; the report of our honest and true treasuier, Mr. M. Arue, has also been submittcd, and lias een carefully examined and signed by our Board of Directors, and their slatóuient will be taken by any Board of Directors of any bank in America, even ii . dld not sien them; the tact i-, we bave actual 1 y made money the first six months ! And theflrstsix months of our existence ! Mark my werds, thls expenditure and work done, and advertiuing done, and he whole field (wliich is the world) comrehended, and all systemized and workng in complete barmony at the lowert nininum of cost, is not only wotulorful. ut we can also claim that it utiparallel a our country ! Eyerything in Uie Hoptonlc Company is harmonious. No dlicord. All feel and see alike: our lioard of Directors are business men, earli willng to do his part, aml each knoWi hou o do it just right j always on time, nover ret tUree minutes late to auy cali íor busnes. Our superintendent of the lahor .- ory, Mr. C. E. Pruyne, of New York, is n love with his position and does il well ; h had geven vears experience (Uie biblical standard to win the prize) beforc h connected himself with us. Uur "englgn" las just comruenced to unfurl i 'Health to the World" is a grand and noble sentiment. lts full comprehension akes time, but it is fast beinj; otuight on o; and it wlll travel on aud on nntïl pain and suffering cease. Nearly a million anels are now hearing this remedy in tlicir irms and soon will cairy the glad Udioge o all the nations of the eartli, as we lave secured and paid for pOrfectlng our rijrhts in nine forelgn conntries. Our season is at hand ! The harvest is ready! Our company is fully equlpped, and will charge upou the enemy ! Oentlemen stockholders ! l'cougratuate you upon this auspicious occasion, and rejolce with you! You adWMgagtd na grand and glorióos work I Push i front and gain the prize! The only n-ason why I have not got Uve times the imount of money of any man now livngin this city is, I listened to tlu advic of klild and good friends who ndvised me to sell stock, in another somfwhat similar enterprise. Muy that calamty not be repeated agaln ! Sneers and jeers, that have been liought in order by a few heretotorc owards the Hoptonic Coinpauy, shoulil e put in now, once for all, as oue yer rom to-day it would be recklessly out of order. At the director' meeting the following offleers were elected : John S. Long, resident; Henry Spring, vice-presliiinl ; 'liarles F. Cobb, secretary; Wni. I). Tolford, treasurer ; W'alter S. Hlck, senral manager.


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