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The business of the Ann Arbor po9t office, taking into consideration the dif ference between 2c. and 3c. stamps fo letter postage, shows a handsome increas for the past year. The following table shows the amount of staraps and etanjpec envelopes solü for the year, by months Stamps. Envelope January $1,18142 3 89 February 1,068 74 S36 54 Marcb 1,178 66 223 O1 April 1,265 08 73 16 May 1.208 KJ L jurio i.vw w 231 S Juiy 861 18 316 16 August 855 63 327 48 Soplember 984 42 308 19 Octobor 1,3060 276 2 November 1,261 7S 228 10 December 1,29 39 16 U0 The grand total of these two columns is $16,671.83, to which add the amount of box rent, $2,7-12.50, and we have $19, 414.33. Durin{ the six montli of Mr. Dufl'y's admlnistration there have been 900 registered letters sent; 192 immediate delivery letters delivered.aod 213 immediate delivery.stamps sold. The average time consumed ia delivering this class of letters from thcir ïeceipt at the post-offlce until receipted for by the owners, ha been 27 minutes, and amount paid mesgenger $15.20. The report of the postmaster general shows that there is not KM. office in the state thut pars the government so rnuch revenue for the outlay as Ann Arbor. Kate Field was welcomed by a good house at University liall Saturday night, and she spoke of the Moruion question rery much like a man, not mincing her words from over niodesty, but speaking in plain litnguage of this abominable curse to the nalion. Her reraedy was a heroic one - by force of arma if necessary Had the lecture been relieved of a tinge of cheap wit, it would have been preferable. The battle of the ballot Is to be a battle for the ballot- for the rlght to cast eachonehU ballot as he will, the rlght to kiiow thut no lulse ballots Hlmll be cast, and the rlght to have every ballot counted as cast.- Midland Kepubllcan. If that is not a correct diagnosis of the case, we should be pleased to hear trom the doctor who dlffera therewith.


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