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"ed." Ferry Indulges In Reminiscences

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E. P. Ferry, brother of exen:itr Ferry, oí Michigan, and a resident of Park City, Utah, lias left for Mlcblfian, whence tic will n-tnrn to the west. "Ed." Ferry is now deeply eniraijed in the silver mining business in Utah, aml has been In Washington to attend the meeting of we9tem men who have been here to oppose any meiiMiro looking to 'the suspension of the coinage of silver. Mr. Ferry is thoroujrlily postcd on thls subject, as he is on ui most every other. H addressed the bi-inetallic association a few eveuings ago, aud hia practical views on tbe silver que-tion attraeted rauch ittention. Mr. Ferry' okildreu are in Michigan, two of Uiem at tiie Oruhard Lake academy. When Mr. Ferry moves about in Michigan there will be a great many of hls intimute friends who will fait to recognize him. Kis long, reddish beard, which was wout to give him a great resemblance to his brother, has been parted with, and its abscelice canses "Ed." to look many years younger. He whs at the sunate chamber yesterdity chatting with Capt. Bassett, aud together they recalled the trying dayt of 1877, when Senator Ferry was acting viee-presideut and presided over the electoral court. Whatevcr may be said of ex-Senator Ferrj' ono tbing is certain. During tba days when all was excitement In Washington, and when many believed that rovolütlon wonld take place, Senator Ferry fllled his important office with great tact, industry and dignity. It was not geuerally known but it is a fact that his brother "Ed." was hls flnn and constant friend and adviser during that time. For tbree montl he rernained in Washington and breathwi niuch freer when Hay eg waa seated aud the excitement subsided. While chatting with Capt. Bassett Mr. Ferry spoke of the two mahogany boxes containins; the eleetion returns, aml wliich were carried to and fro bc tween the two housesof congress. They are now unionf theex-senatorTseñVcts In Michigan. They were paid for by ex-senator Ferry and made under lus ordtrs. Old Bassett carried them, walking in the midst of six armed policmen, Even with this formidable guard, he always feit a little nervous. Air. Ferry says the historie boxes are to ba presentad by his brotlir to tbstate library of Michigan as soon as he returns trom his foreign tour. The ex-senator has in the past fouryears traveled all over Europe almost, and is n w in Egypt. His health is almost fully restored and he will return to Michigan in a few inonths, but his plans for the future have not yet been made. Mr. Ferry has some very fresh and original opinions about the character aud standing of Judge O. W. Powers, of Utah, but as he does not consider the matter of his confimation as any of his business particularly, he is not talkin muoh on the subject, but is ready and willing to do solfdesircd by any one who has a rieht to know. -


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