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The Alma Record intimates that it wil start a sugar fnctory in its office, the sa] that it gets from its flre-wood to be util ized for that parpóse. Siiice the reform school at Lansing wa opened in 1856, it has trled to lead arigh 3,200 wayward boys. Of this numbe 2,700 have been discharged, leaving 450 There seetns to be a considerabl humanity in the eomposition of one o the Vanderbilt's, for certainly Corneliu Vanderbilt did a manly act the otherda; n voluntarily uducing the hours o labor on one of the street railroads o New York under his control, from 14 to 12 hours. This is a step in the right di rcction, and Mr. Vanderbilt deserve credit for it. The following words from the Eatoi Rapids Journal, are so sensible, that we cannot but comraend them toour readers and especially to the republicans of thi congressional district who are castirn about for a candidate: " The deadly Upa tree of the United States, is corrupt leglslation. From this source exudes the poison which permeates every vein an( every artery of our whole national life and carries death and destruction to ou general well-being and to the prosperity of our home industries, just as surely a the dwellers within the nlluenee of the Upas trse of Southern isles carry death to their physical bodies by the air they breathe. Corrupt legislation cannot pro ceed from pure minds and honest hearts but is the outgrowth of a depraveí nature, the fruit of a careless life o every and all interest save self. The halls of legislation are the last place we shoulil send a demagogue. A representative of the people mean a reflection of houest sentiments - :i life-long student o self-deiiial - a man whose word can be relied upon under all circumstances anc in every emergency." The address of Senator Zebulon Vanee, of North Carolinia, before the law students, at University Hall Monday afternoon was a good one. The senator is not an nnptekMut speaker, and his tal!, com manding form adds to the pleasing eftect of liis words. He was quite witty, even venturing upon a pun. He referred only once to the "late unpleasantness," and theu in a marnier that could quite easily be ov rlooked. But he had little to say o! Washington, his anuoiinced subject. He thought every American should be -iiilicuMitly iiformed about the father of nis country so tuut no words of ui were ïenled. Thus quietly rebuking more than one in that vast audience, who have come to ttaink that Washington is one of h by-goues and nothing to be compared o i great men (in embryo) of the present dnv.


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