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Gen. BuellVShiloh Reviewed," In the Marrh Céntury, will be uccouipanled by twolively Communications in " Memoranda on the Civil VVnr," dealing with sorac of the eontroversies In regard to that coute8t. Col. 8. H. Lockett, who was on Oen. Bragg's stat!', describes whut he saw to prove that tlie Union Ariny was t.iki-u by surprise and abo su-tains the theory ttmt Oen. Beauretfard was responsible for the Incomplete victory 011 the lirst. d.iy. On the other hnnd, Col. Ales. K. Chisholm, of Oen. Beauregaid's stafl', ¦uaintuins that the respon-Ibility In the latter respect should be ahlftëd to General Bragg. The Decorator and Furnlsher for March has an exccptioualiy brillianl difpl.iy of articlea and illnstratiou-, all of thum being particularly usetul and interesting. The recent extenive and elabórate decorattons in the New York Academy of Music hare excited more comment and adiniration than altuoat auy other similar work in that ciry tor ycars; and m examing the four pages of illustratloiis mude by the firm doing the decoratlnr, oh e can readily unrtcrstand hy they o highly valued. Tlicro is also a long article apon the White Ilouee, ffirinj u gpod idea of ita appearance, and a t'ull IJSge illu'rution of the üolcbrated East Uoom, rproduced with pliotographic effect Tucrc are scveral articlts of tuinitniu elimvu, entlroly nnw in deH'jrn, an artiole on u prominent Pliiladulpliia studio, an elabórate doorcarved by Benn ritman, cit;imics, an alabaster mantel, and a profu&too of other things. The maxazlnu is published at 30 Kt.t Fourtcntli -ïrr', Ne% York City. Mrs. F.-ances H. Buraett, the Horelhit, hu writtfiD a suilal story for St. Klcbola, callad " LittleLoixi Fauntleroy," tbe toro of which is a boy-diameter who i as ui-w as he is dellglitful. Dom in Ainrica, tlie cliild of ¦ younger sou of an E ilish earl, lus fathcr dies wben lic Is a little fcllow. and by the death of hls uncios he hecomus heir to tbe carldnm. His graudfather, a cross oíd noble man who has never forglven hU youu(iest son for manying aüinst his wishes, sends for the boy aud his mother. In the March St N cholas is recountel the tirst interview betweeu little Lord Fauntleroy and his randfather The earl, expectinsr a oonvaatl'iiwl brrailand-butter ymith, timls himselfi;onfroDted with "agmcelul childixh tiunin a bl ick velvet snit, with a lace collar, and with lovelocks waving about the Imndsonic, and manly little face, wliose eyos met bis witli a look of good-fellowshlp." And Uien they talk. The boy tells his graiidfather all about bltpMt lite, iboul ' üearest," as he calis hts inolhwr, beoaOM he uscd to hear his papa cali her so, etu The story begnn in thi; present vol urne of St. Nieholas and will run Uirougb the year. Mrs. Burnctt is at work on a ncw nove! for the Century.


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