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The Value Of Expert Testimony

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The exact amount of reliance to lo 1 upon the testimony of so-callei medical experts in murder trials and othcr wherequestionsof great importance mi: involved, h:is been thesource of much iliicnssion withinthe last fewyearsand the cause ofsome feeling between doctors and l:iryer. To see two physieians of capotar tii.n tnketue tsd alswear directly to eacU other rcgardiog some one's allexcd sanity or insanity, is certainly not cal.-ulated to impress the ordinary beholdèrwith any very due respect for the knof ledge displayed, and no wonder tliat a 'inick-witted man of law finds many au opportunity to ïuake some cutting fling at the profession when so much yet naoaiiu empirical. In the complications of modern life, however, with its many features demanduk tipecial study and examination, expert i' tiraony is a necessity, tnd its truevaluiU notaffected by differences between dootors upon questions whicb. are as yet but very imperfectly underetood. The expert engineer, chemist, accountant and specialist of every kind must be looked t o hen any question demanding more than "umon knowledge or experienca arise?, and bis word nsually pa6ses without cavil. Tha concurrent testimony of druggit tlxncfore, upon the virtues of a remedy wboM good performances they wiu átákf, must be held as decisive. It is intorosting to see what these gentlemen sny of Athloplioros. A few of the testimoniáis folW. Kremers & Bangs, of Holland. Mich., sars: Last March one of our customers had a severa attack of inflammatory rheurnatism, which heis subject to. At one timhu was so badly off tlat he could scarcels move without almost screaming from pain. FEe tried several physicians, but they only gave hira temporary relief. Ile nexl nsorted to Athlophoros. After he hH.I taken the first dose he feit relieved and c.iiitinuing to take it he was able to walk after he had uaed two bottles." J. B. and 8. E. Matthews, of the City Dru? Store, Qregory, Mich., say : " Mr. II. D. Grieve, who is well known in this town and vicinity, was troubled with lame knee for the Ia9t seven or eighi yo im, but could find nothing that would relieve him until he used Athlophoros. Ho used one bottle and has not been troubled since, and that was about six months ago." " There is probably no remedy before the public," savs James A. Leasia, of Williamstourn, Mich., " that meets with such general satisfaction and good resul ts, particularly in rheumatism and neuralgia, as Athlnphoros. To my knowledge many cases that failed to obtain relief from all other sources were completely cured by the use of Athlophoros. I have for some time observed its use and effects and must say there is nothing lilce it. I could giv nutnerotis certificates of cases of cure, but it seems supermious, as a trial will be the proof and conviction." If vnu cannot (ret Atiilophoror of your dnjs(rist, we wlll send it express pald, on receit ol reinilar price - one dollar per bottle. We pretor that you buy it iïora your drugsist, but if he liasnH It, do not be persuaded to try somethln.' else, but order at once from us, as directe! Athloi-hobos Co., 112 Wall Street, New York.


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