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The Death Of Mrs. Gen. Hunt

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Thursday last, after a lingering and painful illness, the life of Mrs. Gen. L. C. Hunt passed away, but In her stead is U-it the memory of one of tlie pleasantcst and most clinrming ladies who ever uTaced Ann Arbor society. Mrs. Hunt carne to Ann Arbor about nine years ago to edúcate her family, eomfetlug of one tlatlffliter, Miss Bessie, and three gons, Louis!,1., Rob ïtH., and Harry. Miga BeMlegrsduated with the lit. ciassof '84, while Roheit is u m.-mber at the present Junior classand Harrv is In the hljrh school. Mrs. Abhie Casey Hunt was a perron of unusual iibilities. and ui a conversationalist and society lady had few equals. IIopttality had its home nader bef roof, and tbOM wbo wlll moorn her lo-s :ire veiy many. One sad thing cnnneeted wilh lier demii-e was the absence of Gen. Hunt in California, ;iml in such poor health as to be unablc to mrtke the journey home, and Miss üessie Hunt is atteudlng at bis bedside. Mrs. 11 uut was 47 years of jre. Funeral services were held at the famTly residence on S. State St., Monday afternoon, ind was attended by a large concourse of frieiuk both from this city and abroad. 'J'he Choral Union attended the s-rvccs in a body. Rev. S. Earp conducted the services. Mrs. Hunt having beenone of the original members of the Choral Union, and one of its ruost earnest promoters, at a meeting of that body the followinjr resolutions wereadopted in her memory: Whrskas, Theaadannounceraeiit has been madeluthlH society tliat Mrs. Oen. L. C. Hunt, une ol Uh eurllest moiubors, has been removed by deatn, llierelure: Rttolied, That we, the members of ttae Chuml Union. mo6ideep y iluplore ihe los-, of one who was unicum the loumlcrs of the iooïely, wbo has from the Ilrut boen untlrlni; m herdevotl n lo Hu Interest, to vbaM redned iiiuilral taste aml earnesl enthuslanm lt o nosiuall part of Hm tnootêt In lts ndvaooeiiH'nt and In the InceaKed lnlerett oi tüe public In muHlcal art. Jietolved, That we place on record our heartfell appreclatlon of th: character of our deceased assoclate as a lady of truly noble spint of large general culture and eminent domestlc and social virtues ; wtiose loss wlll foe feit not less In the large elrcle of her frlend both In the arrny and In civil lile than by uu who wlll ever cherlsh arul honor her memory as one whose loss to u 1 Imparable. Jiesnlved. That we extend to Om limit and the survivlng meinbei-H of hls fanilly, our most earnesl and respcetful sympathy. Jletolred, That the concert advcrtiNCd to be Klveu by the Choral Union this duy be postpoued. Rrtolved. Tbat the society atlend In a body the funeral ceremonies. Resnlvtd, That copies of these resolutlons be sent to the famlly ofthe deceased and furnlsbed to the local press.