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zz C. H. NULLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Mnln St., Ann Arbor. The oklest wency In the city. Estuhllshed over a quaiter of century ago. Reprroenting the fullowlog flrstdass conipanie with over $60,000,000 Capital and tsseti. IIOMK ins. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INs. co.. of Níw York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIRARD INS. CO.,of Philadelfhla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. ( i M M KRCI A L UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, I.ONDON nnd GLOBE WASHINGTON l-'IRE and MARINE, of Bostou. Ratos 1,ow as tii( Lowest, léUM I.iberally Ailjusted and promptly l'aid. C. II. MILLEN. ¦:1A'8 CORSETST .. .'T FORT ARLE AND : I Cf 1 111 1X0. u.} irivo botter i: tliun tmj corsct j ¦ t . . . :¦ r ld. Pn-Evmakn i i lii:.' ' l ,J ..' ' ;riMit ImuIi over " ¦¦._ƒ¦ Arsl -: il.ijr lilr,i 1, ¦ ¦¦¦;. I- i ¦ ¦ :, : .-tu.. ïN. ¦ in'. v:.:X_ 'i , i im ' - : -I' -. ¦ rlüiri ciuoc. l , X,. Wiii'jh covers tho o[M'n pro . ' ,, . huth popular Iíkmo : -# - VAnr.K 8TKKIJ', whirh vf [ can lio lnstantly tuken V - O'lt, W1TII' H'T CITT1NG OB ¦kA RlPi-iVfj. CT-tHiíí, nsk for i Müü.vscon_. I KBL Br.Ts. No oth.-r liave the A x I ! 1 r.n.h urv.d g,' I '' "'!¦ Peware oflmltotloin Ja ,1 e l'¦ imbito. , ITï'oi -1.. l.v nl! liAilii'i'dcalU !' .,.!,.; ¦ ¦ ifai'turad lr Madame M.n'sCofitoer. i. Kl!.M"s CO., Maiiame Moia's La Reine. Blrmineham, Conn. B adame Mora's Aldine. J. . Kiirputrlrk A Co., adame Mora's Comfort Hip, n Loouard Ut., h. Y 1 fiTTim Sl'"' Hio-nts postnRe. and we All L 'I' wl" lnaU '"" free aroyal, val(l Ml P I u'lllle, sample box of goods XI UI L tlmt wlll put you In the way of luaklug more money at once than mytnlng elso In America. Iiolh sexes of all nges can Uve at home and work In ¦pare time, or all the time. Capital not requlred. We wlll start you. Immense pay sure for Iliose wlio start at onac. Stinson & Co., Portland, Malne. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S ifiililllil AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Whotattla and Retall Trade. We í hall ai-., lcecp a anpply ol' SW1FT & DEUCEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Síclíii l'lour, K)C Flour, Buckwliciif Flour, Corn tl ui. Food, EU-., At WhnleHah; nnd Ketall. A general stock of GKOCERIES M PROVISIÜNS Constantly on hand, which wil! he sold on as reutouat]e tt'rms at any other linil-o Id the Cit. . üuh pald for BUTTJiK, EGGS and COUNTKY PRODUCE eeneralïy. (Joortn dlivered to any ptirt of the ciiy without extra charge. KINSKY & SEABOLT. I bLClinAr 11 Y k l üicuatiooa ¦ furnlabd. ril Valentín Bros., JinratiUe, Wis.


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