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The Detroit base ball club, with its big ?our, which cost it so much money and rouble, "got scooped" the very flrst game t played at Savannah, Ga., last Thursday. L'erhaps their record may be rerersed ;kis year, however, and a bad beginning make a good ending. Pure blood is absolutely necessary in arder to enjoy perfect health, Ilood's Sar üaparilla purifies the blood and strengthens the system. Try Qrainlet, a new morning dish, far snperior to oat meal. Can be cooked lu flve minutes. Sold by W. U. Warner, State st. The coming encampment of G. A. R. posts at Jackson, April 21 and 22, will consist of 1,200 delegates, so says Asst. Adjt. General Lochhead, of Flint, besides many not delegates who will unundoubtedly be there. A Creat Yictory - A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla " In the winter oí 1879 I was attacked witl Scroíula In one of the most aggravating fonn. At one time I had no less than thtrteen largo abscesses over and around my neck and throat, contlnually exuding an offenslve mass of bloody matter disgusting to behold, and almo8t Intolerable to endure. It is lmpossible to fully describa my suflerings, ai the case was complicated with Chronlc Catarrh. AItcr three years of mlsery, having been treated by three physlcians, I was worsa thn eyer. Flnally, on the recommendatlon of W. J. HunUey, drugglst, of Loekport, I was lnduced to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. And now, after haTing taken twelye botUes, wtthin the last twelvc months, the scrofulous eruptions have entlrely ceased, and the abseessea have all dtsapp"red,except the unslphtly sears.whlch are dally beoomluR ' smaller by degrr es, and beautlfully less.' 1 do not know what It may liave done for others, but I do know tnat Ín my case, Hood's Sarsaparilla has proved an effectlve speciflc indeed. As an eridence of mj Kratitude I send these faew nnsollclted, anrt I am ready to verify the autlionticity of thts cure, by pcrsoual correspondence with :iny one who doubts it." Cuaklks A. EobKKTg, East Wllson, N. Y. Thls statement is conflrmcd by W. J. Hnntley, drngglst, of Loekport, N. Y., who calis the cure o great victory for Hood's Sarsaparilla. 8end for book giving statements of many cures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. % ; slx for $8. Mad only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. QOPo8O8 On Dollar. VThen Baby wit slck, we gve her CASTOKIA '' When Bhe wm a ChUd, she oried for CASTORUl - WlieníhebecameMlM, êhe clang to CASTORI. 3 -WTieBBUehttdCliildren,hogT6thomCA8T'A i


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