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March Crop Report

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For this report returns have been reeived from 807 correspondeuts, repreenting 682 townships. Six liundred and eventeen of these returns are fnun 424 ownships in the southern tour tiers ol ounties. In answer to the qnostion, "Has u heat uring February .-uilVrcd injairy trom ny cause?" 409 correspendents in the outhern Cour tiers of counties answer Yes" and 154 "No;" and in the northeru ounties, (11 iiuwtr "Yes." and 14 "No." ii the Southern counties the riuiinl haa een bare of suow sinceabout the midilli-, í Febrnary, butin toe nortüern couuUet i lateas March 1, the average depth of now was pight Incbe. At Lnnsin; t lic verage temperatura daring Febrnary was 22.44 F., or nearlv lSdegreei hipher min the average tor February, 188Ö. )uring the last 1 1 days of month llic verane day temperatura irull F., and tie average niht (empentare 11 F. On ven days the thermometer reglstored bove the freezing point, and on seven irhts It re{fisteri'J from 8 to ö degrem bove zero. DurlDg the first geven dyi f Muroli the average day tempe rat ore vas 32 F1., and the urerage nlght temerature ranged irom 1!) to 12 degreM nd the night temperatare from 5 to 83 cgrccs, nl).ive zero. Wlth such wcathaf Ue wheat erop husccrtainly been in ju t ed, ut to what extent it is uselesa at present o atteinpt to estímate, lifpoits have been received of the uantity of wheat marketed by farmers uring the nioulh of February al l'.Mi (¦!¦- atora and milis. Of tliese 214 are in tlir outhern tour tiers of öounties, whicli is W per tent. of the wliolc nuuiber of :leators and milis in these countics. The okal numbei' of btishds ie.ported inarcied is 888,881, of wliich 198,610 buühels were maiketed in the Bral or Southern ier of counties. 908,743 busbela in tbc ocond tier; 108,162 buthela in the third ier; 114,834 busl.cls in the fourth tlerj nd 50,700 busLels iu the counties tiorth )f the southern tour tiers. Al 35 elevaor and milis, or 16 per cent ot Ilic whole number from whicli repons hsVe een received, there was no wlieat maiketed durinji the moiith. The total number of bushels ot wlnat ¦eported marketed in August, September, Octoher, November. Deoombar, Jaliaary nd February is 10,ti0t.!.,7, or nbpul 34 ier cent. of the erop OÍ188& The nuin)er of bushels repiiried marketed in tlie ame months of 1884 and 185 wm 8,636,S,'!2, or 5G per cent. of the erop of 184. 'ir these month in 184-5 report were eceived from about 40 per cent., and in 885-6 from about 44 per cent., of the elevatora and milis in the southern four iere of counties. . 4


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