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The Coming Fashionable Tour

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Tliu umr of the great lakes Las not yet BC so]iioiial)le as the tour of the (Joutinent, hut when Aniericans Icarn to sppreciata tlicir country better the time iuay, perhsps, corae when it will be as "quite the thing" to make a trip to Dulutli, Muckinaw or Sault Sainte Marie, as it is now to take a run over to Taris, where all Americana are supposed to go when ¦ lic. Duluth, to be sure, has not realizad tbose splendid dreams of commercial supremacy so eloquently prophesied by 1'ructor Knott in his famous speech in ('ongress yeare ago, but still it is young and lias plenty of time to grow. Just as V. D. Howell's "Wedding Journcy" has marked out a beaten track for young couples in their honeyinoon, dowa the St. Lawrence, up the Saguenay, through Montreal and Qnebec and home i, a novelist is wanted to paint the gloria of the lakes, their connecting rivers and the many beautiful cities that look out apon tlie waters; Buffálo, Cleveland and hetroit, and of these Detroit is the prctlicst. lts (iplrndid streets and many handtome homes make it one of the most altraciive citiee in the Welt, and the toiirist will want to stop ofi' here for a little wliili'. If he does, perhapshemay chance to stroll into Franklin street, where, at No. 217, Mr. E. G. Richards has the office of his planing mili and box faetory, and perhaps the gentle tourist may happen to meet Mr. Kichards and the conversaban, as it often does, may turn upon the many evils and weaknesses that flesh is heir to. If all tlus comes to pass, Mr. Richards may teil him tlüs story of his reeovery from neuralgia as he told it to a recent visitor : " 1 had had it for several years, and the attacks were most -violent. At last they beeame so frequent that they were almost daily oceurrenees. All my effbrts to obtain anything like a permanent cure were fruitless. 1 would sometimes pet temporary relief by resortingto hot applications, but the neuralgia would come riglit back again. 1 had used almost every remedy 1 could hear of, and had also had plivsiiians to prescribe for me, but none of these did me any good. I have probably spent two hundred dollars in various ways without any benefit whatever. "Athlophoros took hold of the diseasc quickly and I got relief in the first two doses. Three bottles cfi'ected a perfect cure. I have some in the house now and shall certainly always keep some, as it is worth its price, if it did no more than give me relief. Whether it has cured me p rmanently I cannot say, but I do know that at the time I began using it I was suffering intensely, and that within throe montliv (from the day I stopped taking it to this) I have not feit a particle of neuralgia. It was Mr. Blair, the train dispatcher at the Detroit, Grand Raven and Mihvaukee Railroad, who recommended me to use Athlophoros after he had tried it and cured himself of a very severe case of long standing." If the gentle tourist still dnnbts the efficiency of Athlophoros to do what is claimed for it, let him cali upon Mr. Blair, who will most willing add histestimony tothat of Mr. Richards in support of the sovereign remedy's curative powers. If ynn ennnot eet Athlophobos of your drugpist, 'we will sena it expresa paid. on receipt of rvKular price- one dollar per Dottle. We preler that vou buy it from your driiggist, but if he Imsn't it. do not be persuaded to try something ut order at once from us, as direrted. AiuiAji'UOROs Co., 112 Wall Street, New York. Tlic Town and Gowu Dramatic club will ive au entertainment al Saline Bhortly. The Observcr wants to knowyouknow: " ]t' :t ent kill :i r:its in ) minutes, liow in -i Tiy rats will kill(!0 rats ín :)0 minutes?" Leather medal to tirst correct aimver. The MOOnd is the mode9t district of Michigan. Col. Eldredjfe has no bilis in tor public building? aad isonly askingfor $2,000 to keep in repair the iinprovenicnt in Uil' river at Monroe. - Sailne Observer. Sinoe the rnilroad war at Howell and the (listurl)anco at Hiis place tnere been ¦ constant strife with some of the T. it A A. officials to displace Agent Marr Crom the Union depot atthla ilacp, and the annoyanoM have become so extensive and bitter that Mr. Marr lia reaiffDtd hin poslüon as managing ajcent to-day. We are sorry to part with so gonial and efficiënt ayonng man as Mr. Marr has prO76D himsi'lf; bot 11 as a citizen and Botineaa manager. - South Lyon Excelsior. Monarchy is down. Tlie king of the forest, the largest white oak tree ever known in this vicinilv, was felled on the land of V. II. Gleun on Monday afternoon. It tooktliree men nearly all the afternoon togel t down. wbile at work felllngtt the threecould stand ?o as not 10 In' si'en by cach ollicr. Measurement on the s!imii live feet tour ine.hes; sound but Dottall. Will make 18 cords of 18 inch Btove lilocks and tifty fence posts. The post cut had to be opeited with powder. It took abont nine days work to do the job. 'l'liis is no tisli story. A small fainilv oould set table and dine on the stump. Beal it whn can and report in the Chelsea


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