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Wants April Fool's Day Extended

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Editor Courier :- Considerlng the ald the Clllzeu'g League ticket contrlbuled lo the elootloii of the democratie portion of the uew city officials, we trust the iucomlng admlnistratlon wlll pay due deference to the clalmH of thedistlniiialulied democratie and prohlbltlonUt membera of the League wlio so Bhrewdly concelved and skillully played thU "thlr.l party game," and that lt wlll be especlally tender to the gullless and unsuspectlng republicana who so very lnnocently(?) drew this very old polltlcal chestnut out of the Ure, and temper these rude aud cruel spring blaHts to thelr burned fingen. The traditional privileges of the flrst day of the inoutli ought to be extended a week for thelr exclusive benefit, so that they mlgh console themselve and posslbly h-urn sometblnK- by reflectlnic how eaxy lt Is to be a