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uMHMU' '' fi tkiu 'rinII U I lililí vinri'i thf most ikrpücal 3ERWIAN ASTHMA CUREKÍL mot violent attiuk; insurcs mmlortil sleep; , effecta cure where all othcr remedieü fall. Xo wnitinn for remilt. lts unión ís rurri effected in uil CITKAIM.K tAMis -It Dtírmwmullr oured mt. Befrr to me at any time." " Fon. . 0(1. SI. Paul, Jfinn "I ra entirelr rtitored to bcíllli bjr Qermn Aathma Curt. ' roi. í'il'", aullm, Oíi. "Grmn Aithma Core !¦ ftllToullm for it. It never fil." V. . Fopi injltu, Grernfitlr, X. t'. "My phTiiclQ reoommende d Oernun Afcthma Cure. It ouriitmc." Un. M. L. Ttlriek, (mdonjerry. O(o. TkiuU of ¦lUr ktltn un Ole. Aik UJ drunvi.l boot It. Germán Anthtnn í'ure i boM by all aran KiatHatdOr.sud ai.or wut by mll ou rcciii t of prire. Trial ïuwikaife Vrrr tu any artdrens for ÁTTTf7Tl Send elx centa fr postaiíe. i II ii fti-d recetve free, i coailjbox I M I I" of fodo which III holp B All, f elther rcx, pcc:i-cd from lirKt boor, The j brund rod to fortune opens betre the wurkers, ¦ thaolntelj rure. At once addresa. TkL'í: Jk Co., AnguxDi. MHlne. - ¦ BrcakTust For Late Hours. I happned intithe Hoffman House the othcr raornlng to visit a friend, and while my card to be sent ii taw thrfe or toar different waiters carrylug up broHkt'iisU on thelr trays. I surmisid tliis must be iiiite a source of revenue, bnt was not pripartd tur tlie istonshiug tisnires I afti-rwanls was shown by one of tlie üentlemen connecteü witti tlic office. "We chniíre," said be, ''1 for every menl served In tlie guesfs own room. This, if ceurse, tloes not relir tö elabórate dhuiers, etc., bnt flniple to single meala, and tlie Income dciived from bri'akfastR alone BO served amountl to $10,000 ]er aunum1 Baiprttlne s tbose rig.u-8 were, I atterward loiirncd tbat at tlie Fifth Avenue and Wiiul-mHotels they reoelved i'r breakfasts served in rooms all I lie way (i'om $8,000 $12.000 each ycar. What i blessing U'y people and invalida are to tlie favorlte hotel proprletors.-N. Y. Cor. Hartford Couranta A Gieat Discover y. Mr. Wm. Thomas of Neutun. la . BaySi " My wifehas beenserioualy afflicted ith ii cough for twenty-livc years, and tliis spring more severely than ever üèfor She hud lised nianv remedies rttbOUl re lief, and being arred to try Dr. Kiii's New Discovery, diü so, witb inost flratlfying results. The first tiottle relleved bar very much, and the gecond bottle has ah solutely CU red her. She luis imt liad (O goodhealth for tliirty yeais." YïïM bottles Free at Ebeibach & tíou'i dru store. Large size f 1.00.


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