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fa ..„,,........„ ........ ¦!., .,.,, MOST PERFECTADI Proparo-T wlth vpecbU FSffmrd to heiilth. Mi AtTini'iniü, Linif or JDUO PRICE CAKIN9 POVJDER CO. CHICACO. 8T. LOUIS. RH SPECIAL Uextracts MOST PERFECT MADE tuui„u. price Baking Powder Co. lüiïs. CURES ALL HUMORS, from a ooumion Blotcb, or Eruntloii, to ti, irorri Ser of a la. sali-rlirnm "evor-f.orc,"Scaly or Koiigli skin, in short, all iUwMnni oaused by tuiriii ut(. coniiuercd by tliis poweriul, purifviu;, and mvitromtliin iiK'ditini'. lircat Eatlue 1. hspecmlly lma it iiianifiti'd Uh notcncv in euriiifr -rctter, ICaxIi, Boil, arbil ik ¦!,., s„ro i:,,,h se ro hl Iod Store; WIlHu Ku.-lltllgs, iioilr., or Tlil.k Ncok, nml Enlarged s nü ten .-nta 111 Htumps lor ¦ largo trmtise, with colk1 plato, n: Skin Discnacs, oí tho same Thoroulily c l.anw it by usiiiff Dr. Pl-r"'x ..l.l. 11 iti, .11. al Dfsrovery.and Rood M(,,,„, a fair Nkiii, huoyant "plrlla, viutl sii-.tiiKlIi, and koiiikIuch of oiisiimtiuii, will bu cstablishfd. CONSUMPTION, which in N rofii Ion Ilisiac of tho l.iniKs, lg promptly umi .ortainly arrested iind curwl by Ihls God-givcn remedy, if taki-n before Ibu lust stosesof the dlseascarc reached. rroin ita woinicrl nl power over thia U'rribJy iatal iliMons.', win n Brst offcrins: tliis now cel. fbraU'd rcincclv to public. Dr. rimen thoiiRhl wrionsly of i-ullinfr it his "E'011Muni(ioii Cnre,"bu( ibandomd tliatnaine a-H too i, mu-: lor a medicine which, froin itó wouderruiconiblnatiunot tonic. orstrenirtliCDIng, Hltcmrive, or tilrx lü-oicatnsitiK, anti-bilious pectoral, and nutritivo prfp.Ties, is uneciualècL not only ax :i nincly fur coiisumptlou of tho luntrs. Uut fur all CHRONIC DISEASES or the Liver, Blood, and Lungs. Plf you fee! dull, rtrowsy, debllttatl, hnvo Riiliow color r skin, (ir ycllowinh-brown Biots on faoe or body; frequent beadache or dizzineo, bod taste in oroulh, interna] lu-at or chilla Hlternatiiuf wUi hot llashcs, luw Bjiirita aiui tflooniy lorelMKlin;s, Irnwilac apiK'tite, and eoated tonque, yim ar.' s.itTirliw from lil.lieS!'y..lï'l1Ii, imd Torpld Livcr, or "1 ilmiiMicus." „ ,„a„y ttlgeB onJ; part of these Kyinptoiiw aro cxpi-rknced Au a .remedy lor uil biioIi case. Dr. lMerre'n c"" 1 jneUlcal Oisrovcry has no For U ak I ¦, spin „u of Blood, MliortiieHN of ltrcalh, Itron. hltls! Scvere (inh, t'oiiNiinipiion, and kindred affectioiiM, it is a soverei(fn remedy. bend ten cents in stumi) for Dr Pierce's book on Consuinptioa. Sold by DriigglMiH. PRICE $1.00, SSWSTSS! wurm s impensary meoicai associaiion, Proprlutora, 6G3 Main St., Büïtalo, N. Y. KVvGVCe's LITTLE "iKOt,S PILLS. ANTI-RIMOUS anI CATHAltTIC. Sold bjr IlriiggiMtK. S, cents a vial. t$5ÖÖREWARD fdJI "f lr. Satfo'N ('atnrrli Ki'incdy ff forncusi-of catarrh whieh thy " -M í'annt cure. ff If yii liaia]isohar)fofrom p fjr the riu-r, ofTeistve or otherrj wwe, pardal Iodíriüi-II, taste, orhianiiií, wtuk (¦¦¦(, lull pain or profHiirn in hoadj you ïavo Catarrh. Tht,usamisof cusen termínate in consumpUoD. Ir. Saffc'H ('ATAKKII ItDMKUV eureu I he WOret cai.M'ül:irrli."(iiM in ilie lle:tl," and lïtarrlial llradai lie. ftu cents. MMUNITYfromANNOYANCE v i W B ', Pat. Oct. 3Otb, 1883. ïj L Marte only of Iho fin oh í nml Ixqfqual. Hy r UlnxM lor ft itlitluiMliiiK beul. Evory goqd thincr is Counterfoited, and consumera are CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS of JU thoso Chimneys made of VERY F POORGLASS. Soothat the exact 1 label is on each chimneyasabove. The Pearl Top is always clear and Íbright Q-lass. HuuiiftM-ttirrri OM.T l.y GEO. A. MACBETH & CO. PMtsImrirli I..iul tll- Works. FOB SALE BY DEALERS. fel ?Í #i "NIVURSAL fcS. g y.r ,„,,„,_ í U%jlfa!t A Krtail. "" OU Bth R'tirwcl. ' % Y S.W ror Onln J. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mich. L A (IIMIT.KTK AltllAKNrjMKNT KOK rnysician and Families. Neater and Cheaper AM MORS C O HST AT JS 3ST I E HST O? THAN A 8TATXONART HA Til TlMi, WITH no expknsi: of nvni room AND FIXTUKKS. HALE'S HONEY is tlic best Cough Cure, 25,60c., U CLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP heals and beautifies, 25c. K GERMÁN CORN REMOVER tcills Corns & Bunion, 25c. HILL'S HAIR Sl WHISKER DYE- Black & Brcwn, 60c. 1 PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minuie, 26c. W CEAN'S RHEUMATIC PILLS are a ture cure, 60c


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