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WEDKESDAY, JÜNE 30, 1886. rrleada or Tke '¦rlr, wkt hvr hnHlDf at Probate (ure, wlll . mini-ui Juill-P HurlMM to #¦¦! Ihoir l'rlut In to thls ofllre. Ann Arbor Post OfReo. Ann Arbor Time. Office Hom : Uenerml 7:30 m to 8:(K) p. m Sundays, 9: to 10:00 a. m. nlliriwe. Close- OOIHQ CAST. Lock oouch f Detr It _ 0:15a. m. Detroit 4 Urand Rapld K. P. O ... 10:30 a. m. Detroit 4 rb!ctro R. P. 0 5:15 p. m. " ' K. P. 0 8.01) p.m. QUINO WB8T. Detroit, Jackíoo 4 Nile 8:1S a. m. Uetnll 4 Chiotio K. P.O.. 10:30a. m. Ui-trolt tiraiid Kapidi 6:15 p.m. Drtroi t 4 Chicago R. P. O SM p. ai. UOISll NOBTH. South Lyon 4 Toludo R. P. 0 9: M t m. OOINO SOUTH. Lock Pouch lo Toledo 7:15 a. m. Sunth Iynn 4 Toledo K. P. O 3:00 p. m. MAILS DI8TRIBUTCD ( Bastera. ) Detroit 4 Chicago K. P. O. 7-.4S a. m. Detroit mail 05 a. m. Detroit 4 Chicas K. P. 0 11:30 a. m. Detroit 4 Uraad Rxpidu 6:45 p. m. (Western.) Detroit 4 Chicago H. P. O „.. 7:45 a. m. Detroit 4 (irand ltaild 11: 0 a. m. Detroit 4 Chic,' R. O :1a p. m. (Northern South Ljon 4 Toledo K. P. O 3:30 p. m. (Southern.) Houtb Lyon 4 Toledo K. P. ü. ...__.. sMC. m. Lock punch Trom Toledo 6:15 p. m. Ann Arhor 4 Whitmore Lake mail cloe.-i :: a. m., and Is distrlhuted A:4% p. m. BDWARD DUFFY, P. M. DatL-d, Jannarj, 1H86.


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