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DRUG STORE Ho. 7 S. Main St. PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES Fine Toilet inicies ELEGANT PERFUMES AND ODOR SETS A Sjtecially Male of rhyiciaii's l'reMTipiions. Cali and see us. ' J. Goodyear. c= hiCZ CENTS .3._ -y'i. I T COPYolTHIS SfiWlVF II tl,. LMCUGE . . JÍ"r AAví5' añil Sentiment ot Cverf JT1 ÍEEJ" Flcw.r ¦" Shrub. :iOO([ ; VnC Q?Y dlïrerent kinds. Allo all uhi'Y' tl. e Knovn RuImoI FllrtaL " #A''cnV Hoi with Elovi. Pirjiol, "1 Vl Cf ZJ 'r Mandkercnlef JidFin. It _JTZ ryu „f ii„. kind ever pnbTTT v-fr" MKif lished. Snul HifU-en rl IRI INU ('mm in Miunps lor Al-1' ' aaunpleoopy.afiooui y "" e= ]rlct' lo hkiiIs. Agento -!- - - - -- " " " wanti-d tvinwbtre. Ad. MERION PUB. CO.. 17 Hort Ttiitn titil.flillnl'l. Pi. SINCER E47 UUn Cï li Í TUIS STYI.E U) I # LJMkJfJLl. .1 ET OATS' TKIAL. ƒY" T % A Full Set f 9SV uSfl Jlw Attarhtnrnts. V 'IVlll I" WAKBAVn: TnABpy K yeara. Sentl for WiiDArMORA'S CORSETS. ffpw MCM1 COMPORTABLE AJÍ0 rlriimi 1:1.1 i 1111 isc. ' J93Hn. t' ivbölil s say they rivo botter ¦KfJBSBsB21"'-''1" li"u tiian an' ' .¦f .- v",-i:v ¦ .,r S' M. Pu ssHiukern VBhT tf Kil' ' í'""tiitíirllno ("-"" r shaiti. (nniiot bresk tivr fletpw t UuUMof fnUusrure. ihe'-COjí .íí lOllt" ml "Al. KINK" V ltóTethePiTKJÏTTMIFLBBACTt, . 'f ' ;j huthe popular Rl to V " LA _S WBl.K Sim--, whlrta JT run hn liistHntlv tukt n . tf OTlt. WITI'iMT CUTTINO OE riii-iko. I k for EaÈËA. M.MIAMIÍ MOUA'SCOH.-' -!(-. No others bav tha ;. ... 111 h iirvi-il ' ; 'jere. Uuiufiu-ti .1 Madame Mcn's Contour. K in . co., Madama Mora's La Reine. Blrminsiiani.c, , ,,. B adame Mora's Aldine. ¦ " Fltip.triok i Cu , adame Mora's Comfort Hip. 71 Louuard st., N. 1T MJUMU NERVOUS DEBILITATED MEN. You aro allowrd a fret tHaï of thirty day of the tiae of Dr. Dye C'elebrateil Voltalc Belt wltB Electric Siif-in'Tisory AppUancaa, 'or tho ipt-cir n-lirf and ixTiiKincnt cure of Acn-ous hrlnlit'i. loaa of VUalUv aml lanhood. and all klmlred troublea, Also for many other dUeaae. n tlOD to Health. Vigor and Manhood ctnvr Vo risk Is Incarnd. lllnstrntid j.amiihlet lmx-iiieJ MixUipe mullwlfree. liy Hddn's.-lnK VOLTAIO BELT CO., Marshall, Mich MACKINAC. Tlio Molt Dthghtful SUMIVIER TOUR pAlaoa fltuman. Low Batai. Tour Trips per Week Botwecn DETROIT AND MACKINAC And very Welk Dy Betwl DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Write for oup 11 Picturesque Mackinac," Illustrated. Oontaina Fall Partlirulsr. MaUd r. Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Ce. C. O. WKITCCMB, Qli) P8. QT.. DETROIT, MICH. iate Rtad what the peoplo say concenunz the ability of Dr. Thoma' Eclectric 03) t cure ulhini. calirrh. croup, colds. etc. Mr. Dora Koch of Buffalo, m I ' For croup it U decid]r efficacioo.." [Mr.. Jacob Mell..or of Marie. Oh! .ay5th.ame thmg. S. S. Graves, Akron, NV writ.f " Had asthma of the worit kmd. Took ooe dofe of Thema,1 5'"' Oil and r.lieved .n a hw m.nute. Would walk "',clne and pav 5 a bottle íorit. DruíiC. R. Hall.Crayville. 1IL. jy.: CureJanuU erattd throat for me in twenty-four huri. bat np in bed and coughcd uil the clothing wa wal with penpiratton. My wife insined ihat I uit Thomas' Ecltctnc Oil. The nrst leaspoonful ¦iilikvbd me." K. H. I'erkinJ, Creek Centre, N. V., Thomas' Eclectric t Jil is also a TipTor external applicati Li for rheumatism, cut,scalds.,burns,bites, bruises.etc. When vulling the druggist, aik him vhat ht tnowi of Dr. Thomas1 K.clectnc tf h= has been long in the dmi trade, be sure he will iejl highly of it. TVorkcd Wonder. " My djughter wa very bad off on account at acold and pain in her Thma,' Edtttric Oil ctlTHUUr in t-Mtnly-four hcurs. Ou. of the boy was cured of ore throat. This medi. cine has worked wonden in our family." Alvah Piiickney, Lakc Mohopac, N. Y.


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