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He Found His Level

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Ho liail wnrkeil nt nll vooutlons and had trlod uil (x-eupatione, But vaaalwara Impeeunloui and "brokei" buen a ipeoulaunc broker, and a funny man and Joker- And hi8 Ufo had boen ono melancholv Joke. He luid heen a qiiafk pliygtclan and a great troiiilmnc musiolan, And huil worked upon the sower for a yi'iu-, Been a doctor, lawycr. pastor and a fuinoua danclng-master, An editor and lorlbe and auotloneer: Heen a pioneer and aqaatter, aod Uvod on bread and frater Whlle wrlting for tba leudiwr magazines: Beeoaa artlst, soulptor, palnter, and waxed tliinnor. weaker, ruimer. On acultiin-ii Boston dlei of haked beani: urled astrology mul maffio, been au actor Berce ann trafico, Aa a tiavoliiiíf ortraii-grlnder passed the hat ; Been an Afrienn explorer. who would tnlk and talk and bore yer. And had trareled Car and w'Ae Uke Daniel Pratt He had been a medVine mixer, with his " ital Life Hlixir," And dealt in pellote, purffatives and pllls; Been a lolentUlo In uier and a poruus-ulaster dealer, And oonld care all dlseases, aobea nnd ïiis. He hud run an elevator, beeu a prestidigitaAna tho famous beardod wonian at tho show; lieen a medium and dlvlner, and a llshrrmun and mincr. But in none of h3 eiuployments mnde a ";o." liut tlie. hcro of my ditty gottled down in Nuw ork ('in, wai elepted to the aldennanio ehair, Andnowbe'i sleek and oorpulent. and very r eh and opulent, A very Kieat and bl.nited millionalve'


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