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The following ís the list of jurors drawn for the October term of the circuit, cnlled for the twelfth J:iy of Oet - ber: Aun Arbor Town- Wm O. Warner. Aon Arbor City- Gottielb Luick, John Delaney, Steele Proctor. Augusta- J. N. Breining. Bridgewater- H. T. Watson, John Graf. Dexter- Alfred Lavy, Patrick Rabbitt. Kri'fdom- Henry ]!relteiiwielier, Herman Neuhous. Lima- Kobert Buchnuan, John Grau. I.oili- líanlel 8eyler, Samuel lingera. Lyniion- Walter Webb. Manchester- Mlchael Klrk. Northfleld- Qeo. Kempt. Plltanekl- Morton S. Valentine. Salem- Chas. Wheelock. Saline- Justin W. Korbes. Shiiron - Henry J. Lamlwehr. Sclo- Patrick McGuinness. Superior - Chas. Down er. Sylvan - I.alhal) Mlller. Websier - Jas. Divine. York -Henry L. Kelsey. VpHlIanll town - Caleb Eaton. Ypil:vutl city- Uurret Cross, Wurger üeorge We aro told in confidence tfant Mr. Allen s to bc Maughtered b'eause lic lives in Wwhtenuw county. Don't you bcliivc it. 'l'lio republlcani of Lenawee, Hiils'Hile and Monnw ut rapahlleani f rom principie, whlch local georapliy does not affect A very suilden dealh occnrred in il e 4tli wurcl lust Wednesduy afternoon. Mr. W. Axford, who had removed to thli city :i few diiys iirevlous, from Oxfordf Oaklaiul Co., dropped dead at lus home corner of K. Anti and N. Thayer sts , of rheumatlsm whksh went totlic hcart. He w:is 'A'.i yean of age. His renmins were taken to Oxford lor intcrmeiit. By rcference to their littlfl two column mrd in nnotlier portion of thls paper it wilt be seen that the Two Sams have entered upon their f all trade in aswimmin manner. They are making a graat eptelalty of their tailor-maile su'Ks, Tnuman'l higii dresi hits, derby huts, fnll drsH overcoats, n large line of' geot'i furnishings, ctioice hoiiery, etc , etc. Time is too short and pendía too dear to enumérate all. Look for your.-elt and you will knovv better than we Can teil.