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Editor CorniEn, Sir .- Having finislied the canvas of the city and Washtenaw County Directory, 1 wish before leaving to thank the business pcople who have intron zed the work ; I wish especial ly to thank Messrs. G. F. Allmendlnger and Thomtia ,1. Keecli, not ouly for their liberal advertising patronage, uut for the time aml attention given in securing for me the necessary points from which tlie sketch of the city was taken which is to tppear In the work to be compiled. With yonr permission I wish to say for the Information of the citizc-ns eenerally, Chat the patronage accorded is fnr short of what any one wouM Pxpect. Both the 1879 and 18.S3 directories were published at a loss : aiid I know for a fact that I can say the same of the Dekt issur. This will not bc wondered at when I say thatmany of those wbo need a directory and win. Dught to have it, refuse to subscribe. For instunco not a single one of the four lead ing hotels have oidered a copy of the book. When the last directory was issued in lS3,the city orderod 2." coplea, but now the Finance Coinmittee refuse to take a single copy. On the face of this, a great many will say, then why do you put)lish it when you know it will not pay ? The answer is, before the result is known tlien is interesti'd several Imnd red dollars and heuce tlicre is nothing to be gaincd by dropping it. As manager of the canvas here, tny alm has been to Issue a reliable work and I inay say that nuither time or expense has beeñ sparéd in this ilirectlon, and no matter what the toM may be, a reliable work will be issued. It is not, however, very gratifvnr after working day and night to secure a work, to see dozens of n.imes attached to a four page sheet, each of whotn for the insertion of their namefpaid not short of the prioe of a directory, but who refused to patronlze a work that they realy need which would be a credit to the


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