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Street Railroads

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At last by private enterprise we are likely to have a system of Street railroads. At the common council meeting a company, already incorporated, asked for a franchise to run cars either by animáis, cables or elcctricity. The company is composed of our own citizens and the 6tock wlll bc offered lor sale here to hoever may wisli it. The proposilion justly nieets wlth general favor, for Hiere 3 nothing nccded so uiuch at this time to make a city indeed of Ann Arbor as street railroads. The city is more spread out than most towns oí its populatioi and a elieap metbod of tniiisportation is most desirablc. The cars will probably be run by electrldty and will at first connect the depot and the University, run nin; by way of Main street. The incorporalors are Thomas J. Keech, Junius B. Beul, Bdward Duffy, L. D. Taylor and Zlna P. King. In last week'8 Argos souie one crawl bebind the signature of '-Liberal Christiau" to wlggle over the charge of TuiCouhikh tliat Yajile is an infidel. This "Liberal Cliristian1' is cvidently uiucl more "Liberal" than "Christian," and far more excitod than logical in his letter He den es by implication that Yaple is a follower of Ingersoll, then lie seeks to (■Muse it by Baylng that if Yaple la %i Infidel so was Bagloy, Palmer and Blair Wliat logic! Why, by that sanie absuri method of reasonlng he might say that Yaple had a Urge brain beeaOM Bagley ilkl. Bat that does not fo'.low. Ofcourse, it' the demoeratio candidato for governor cannot honestly dlseern the true Light plain enoogb, and is satisfied to run after the false llghta emanatlng from decaying vegetation In the niarsh of Infidellty am agnosticism, then that is hls own loss more than that of any one else. The polnt we make is on the absurdity of the position of the Tliird Party people, who are toa man opposcd to such religión precepts as Ingersollism, in helplng into office one ol' the satellites of the arch infidel. If telling the truth nbout Yaple maket votes lor him he is welcome to all he can thus obtaia. If the people of Washtahaw Co. want a íepresentative in Congress now is the tlmetogeta good one in an easy way. We have never had a representativa since we have been in the district, and the rcpublican convention recognized our rijihts and gave usour choice in Capt. Allen. Uut the demócrata reftised the claims olWashteaawi delegatei and Lenawee demócrata not laUsfled wlth bavlng had their man lor four year-, played the bog and tried to get it igain. However thev have reckoned without tl 'ir host and time will show them that they made a mistake. Voten, Washteaw should be leprasentedln Congress and the upright Capt. E. P. Allen is the man to doit. Considerable curiosity has been shown among Captain Irfanly'l friends as to whether, it' elected, he would yote for Don DIckinMn for Senator. But it is eurrently nported that he says he will not give h!s vc;te to any body who has sat down on him U tho Boss Don has. We might see, if he by accident, should get there.


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