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Republican Representative Convention

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The lst district rcpubücan representa tive convenlion met it the City Huil m mediately upon the ailjournmeut of th county eoiivention. öeo. S. Wheeler was called to the chai and EU W. Moore of Ann Arbor mtd secretary. Com. on Credentials - C. II. Wines Chelsea; Eli Mauly, and A. W. Hamil ton, Ann Arbor. Com. on permanent organlzatlOD - Jas L. Qilbert, Chelsea; I{. Ü. VVilletU, Ann Arlmr; Win. R. Hamllton, Salem. Convention then adjourned untfl after the pension of the couniy eoiivention. After reasseinbliiiK the temporary ofücers were made permanent, and the commlttee on crtdenlials repurtcd the delegates present. Chas. Wheeler, of Webster, and A. C. Van Sickle, of Salem, were apjiointed tellers. The nominaiion of candldates bcing n order Alex. W. Hamllton preseoted the iniiiic of Geo. Frank Allniendiner, of Ann ArbOlttf, a man wortliy the considerntion of the conventioii lor the olllce of representative. Jas. L. Gilbert, of Chelsea, nioTcd tliat the rules be suspended and Mr. Allmenllnger he nominated by acclamation. Which was cnrried without a dtMMtlng rote. A representative committee, conslsting )f Geo. HÉ Pond, of Ann Arbor; Jas. L. Silbert, of Chelsea ; and Guo. D. Cripüen af Superior, was appointcd and tlie convention adjourned.


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