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L ic--Tcb J NATURAL FRWT ggnggp Ui ri:XvQRS MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with Btrict regard to Purity, Strength, and Uealthiuloes. Dr. Price's Baking Powder coutains no Ammoiiia, Limo or Alum. Br. Price's Extracta, Yauüla, Luiuou, (Jrange, etc, flavordellciously. PHICL BAKINQ PQWDÍR CO-, Chicago and St. Louis. 3STOTÜI3Sri3SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS { Tl 1 1 : WHEELMENS' GAZETTE ! - OF snurcrisu, xassacsusetts, i i a, IS OIsTE. THEWHEELMENS'GAZETTE 13 A FOURTH OF 32 PACES AND COVER, PUBLISHKD MONTHLY. ONLY FIFTY CENTS PEE YBAE. WHBBLMBN AND oiliEIlS WHO WANT CHOICI UEADINOCAN SECURE THE SAME l'.Y SUBSCRIBINO FOR THE OAZBTTE, A HANDSOME PAl'Kl!, WELL-PRINTBD AND UODBL OF NKED ADDliKss WHEELMENS' CJASETTE, SPUINGFIELD, - MASïACHUSETTS. Sample Copies Free. 96-ly I Ai WITH8AÍ %L■ a v.jd ÍC rMtêalt A Rtuiil. Oíd Bathi Renewíd. " ï SmdfcircuUn. E. J. KNOWLTON, Ann Arbor. Mich. [A COMPLETE ABKAKNQMENT FOR ftysiciin and Families, Heater aai Cheaper AND MOliï XHAN A STATIONARY BATH TUB, WITH NO EXl'ENSE OF BATH ROOM AND FIXTURES. ANN ARBOR FJiUIT ORCHAftD. BAETUTTESp Wil BEAUTY Autl all Klmls of Autmiin Pcais. WHITE GRAPES, CONCORD. GUAPES, SAI. KM GTRAPE8. RASl'üKUHV, SHUriSS, an.l WINE. Picase cali at the orcliard on Wet IIuron strect, orsend you.r dtiUts for Fruit nd Fruit Trees early to EMILBAUR, - ANN ARBOR, i-2-sy-tr ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, Next iliKir to the Fariner's and Mcoiianic's Bank. HAI1Í OUTTING, 8HAVING, SOAMPOONING AND DYBING. The best of Workmen mul Satisfiiction ( iiiaruiiteeü. RUPTUR E!. tN'S IMPERIAL TRO 88. Splral SpriiiK, Krailed froni itOl poa&dfl in pressurOi WOKN DA Y AM) NICrHT, ly nu itifMiit aweeh oíd, oran adnlt lyenrs. Ladlei Trnnei a parfaetlon. Booloae stiimps mr testimoníala ol cures, etc. EGAN IMI'KRI AT, TRUSS CO., Ann Arbok, Mich. C. H. St. GLAIR & SONS MANUFACTURÉIS OF ScIigdI aufl Clinrcli FURNITUIiE. OPURA HOU III IlliS AND WIND-MILLS. Are now prepared to manafacture School aud Church Furnlture, and Opera House Clialrs, Lawn Settees, Ciirnp Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL The Tbest and slmpleat and most rellable lause. Repairlng dono on short uotlce. Also dealers In PUMPS, CYLINDERS, PIPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO ORDER. LADDERS, PKACH BOXES, BEP.RY CKATES, In lact, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANX ARBOR, MICH.


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