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The Devil

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Men don't bellere in a devll now, as thelr falliera used to do ; Tbey've forced the door of the broadest creed to let hls inajesty through. There Isnt a prlut of UU cioven foot, or a dart from hls brow Tobe round in earth or air to-day, for the world has voled bo. But who is mlxing the fatal draught that palsles heart and braln, An d lomls tbe bier of eacb passlnc year wlth ten hundred thousand slaiu ? Who bllghta bloom of the land to-day wlth the flery breath of heil, II the devll lsn't and never was? Wou't somebody rlse aud teil ? Who dogs the steps of the toiling salnt and dlgs the pit lor hls feet? Who Bows the tares In tbe field of time wherever God aowa Hls wheal? Thedevil is voted not to be, and, of course tbe thlng is true; But who Is dolug tbe kind of work the devll alone should do ? We are told he dos not go about as a roarlng llon now : But whom shall we hold responslble for the everlastlng row To be heard In home, In church and state to the remotest bound, If the devll, by unanlinous vote, Is nowbere to be found ï Won't somebody step to the front fortbwlth, and raake thelr bow and show Huw the fraudsand the crimes of a single day spring up? We want to know. The devil was lairly voted out, and, of course, the devll's gone; But simple people would llke to know, who carrles hls business ou f


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