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Justicu Labell, of Mt. Picasant, who defeated the corrupt .demagogue, Free Estee, comes out in last week's Northwesteru 'L'ribune, renouncing the democratie party and lts dlshonest attitude before the people. Mr. Labell is au influential and honest laboring man, and bis letter should be read generally. He says: I believe that the democratie party of to-day is not the party of freedom, of progreu and progressive ideas, that it was at lts birth. Gradually since the war closed, the aristocracy of the country lias ilocked to its support, mitil to-day it is chiefly controlled by rich corporations, gigantic monopolies, and selfish bosses, likeDon Dickinson, who cares more for personal ernls than the public good. By an appeal to perjudice and a dodging of present issues, they expect to deceive the people and obtain power. I believe that the democratie party of to-day is in the rear, and not in the van of present progress. All its concessions in favor of labor are reluctantly made. because uioney, aristocracy and bigotry control its policy and wield its destinies for seltish ends. Long exercises of power by selfish men make them pelf-constituted bosses, an evidence of whlch is plainly discernible in Isabella county, and in their greed "the greatest good" to the greatest number is forgotten. This is largely the trouble with the democratie party to-day. I had hoped that in the present campaign it would take an advanced stand on living '¦ ¦"" i iULU, i il i 1 1 ii i i. i i uy 11i.iV il I I ( 1 1 MI I - otic motives, assert honest convictions, Ín aecord with the beet interest3 of the peopie. But no! In its platform it ignores the temperance questioii untl other itsues, witli un evident desire to capture votes liy n.ssuming to please everybodj', and yet please no-body wlio loves principies honestly malntained. 1 admire the party, or the man that believes in principies, has the courage of conviction, and comes out lionestly and fquarely and malntalns tliem. I admire Cyrus G. Luce for his t rank and eloquent assertion of his honest convictions and his advocacy of the cause of labor. Would there were more like liim. Let lis elévate the condition of tlie poor and the unfurtunnte. Let us elevate labor and do all that lies In our power to better the condition of the wagc workers- the toiling masses. I am a laboring man and heliere the true interests of labor and capital are inseparable, and ought to go hand in hand. I believe the coming election will emphasize the fact that othera besides wealthy aristocratie and selfish bosses have interests that must not be ignored, and that the love of liberty is stronger tlian party fealty. It will be a victory Ín favor of the progressive idea of the present, a victory of the people over bossism and aristocratie dictation, a victory of pure motives and honest convictions over deception, hypocrisy, bigotry and abuse. I believe that the success of the republican party in the present state campaign will be best for the true interests of the state and its people. I have always afflliated with the democratie party in the pasi, but now I propose (and for the reasqns above stated) to vote the ticket headed by the brave, honest and eloquent farmer and laboring man of Gilead, Cyrus G. Luce. I may say in conclusión that I had long contemplated the step which I am now taking, but the fact that Mr. Free Estee was a membei of the republican party, covered it with a cloud of suspicion, whlch I could not consistently ignore. It Reemed to me that in a party that could tolérate Mr. Estee's methods there were gome briglit principies lacking. Uut now that the repuUlicau party is free from this blightinjf tainl, I cheerfully announce uïyself a republican, heart and


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