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MADAME RÜQRA'8 GORSETS. gg JIOfiT COMPORTABLE AJÍ JBBgBSÈk. MprcnanlsBuy tlicy tfivo botter ,' BMSMPHtÍ:.f;u tiuil thaii aiiy r.nx t PÏÏT r rocoTnnu nd tht-m f"r thcir fino fjrí Ib J ..Bbapai nmmt lirouk ovfr y' "jP" Pip. Aro ïiai'tit-ulutly liki-'i by jp'jr' uEUMoffuuflf ure. The oN v ?ï hrtvethePATLxrTi.n-i-BBACK, . JÍ which covers th oju iptce V. - nut. winion cüttdïg oa IK. jmí Tïiri IN;. L ,' I.mHrn. osk for hH Madvmi: moïï A's roii¦jSHHA SKTH. No othiTH hnvo th KtlWl S?k'ratel Frcm-h 'urvc'l mi 9H&Hk ''¦ ¦M'i""1'f imitAtmiis ' nHHi!orM:i1" ïyLn iiuii"ï dcai ?1 -nufatturcdby Madame Mon's Contour, L. kravs a CO., Madame Mora's [a Reine. Birmingham, Madame Mora's Aldine, . Fiupatrlck A Co.. Madame Mora's Comfort Hip. n J-waard st.,N.MACKINAC. Tbt Most Eolightml SUIVilVIER TOUR P1M Btttmtn. Low Rte. Tour Trip per Week Betwoen DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Erory Week Da.r Botwefiü DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Writ for our 11 Pictureaque Macklnsc." l!!;:r.fra{ed. 0 3ontjns TvlH Psrtlcml-rs. "(:-a ?.s. Detroit &. CÍewltnd S;.;3r- Nsv. Co. C. D. WHITCOM3 Ct:j r-Aaí Aat. DETHOIT. M(CH RINSEY & SEAOOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND r Flour and Feed Store. We keep constamly ot h nid, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, BT&, For Wholesale ai.rt Rctnll Trndp. W fhall also keep 11 eupply ol ¦ SWIFT & DKUBftL'S ÜEST White Wheat Flour! Dellii Flour, Bye Flour, Biickwlicnt Flour, Coru llcul, Fced, Etc., At Wholesale and Hetall. A general stock of GROCERIES ani PROYISIONS Conatantly on híuid, wliich wlll bc io]il on as roíít)nab]e terms as at any otíkAT liraisr In the city. Cash patd for BUTTKU, BUGS, and CÜÜNTKY PRODUCE generally. Goods delivered to any part of the cuy wllhont extra charge. RINSEY & SEABOLT. IPfUTP WANTED fnr DR' scott's ll.lll. beaotHal Electric I ACorsets. Sample Iree to those be. ¦¦¦¦Wcoininir agenta. No rtsk, qnlclc nales Tcrrltory rircn.ntlB(cllin gnorantíed. AJdross DR.SCOTT.842 Broadway St.,N.Y IOVANM DUl'RE. The ttory of a Florentina Sculptor, by Simmons Frute, Professor in the ühi of Michigan. London : Sampson Low, .Iíimlon, SearU, and itlrinyton. Ntw Fort: Beribntr and Welford. " Thfi gtory Ís told Ín simple 1riii;iik' ; the author hns willi great sklll unl dtllcacy brought out the límlliiK tralL f Dupre'fl v,recr." - London IllustniU'd New, August 1K.SI). "We have rnroly u morí' dellghtful boik opon the Ufe and alma ol an artlai tlian 'Glovannl Dupre,1 a lnompliy wbloh b&a Ju8t nppcarud from the pen (if Mr. llcnry 'siiiiiuous Friere. The bootc haa ll IbefaclnatlOD of a wi'll luiii story, lothat from ilnbeglnnlng to the end reader wlll follow the fortune of the reat Florentino Seulpior wlth uuwaverlng Interest."- (London) Publllier' Circular, July 11, 1888.


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