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lö UMACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOCRAPHY OF TH!S WÍL. SEE BV EXAMININC THI8 MAP, THAT TH ¦ -- - ,j,fsf . -=- - - WQAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R' By ren boo c? itn central posltfon, close relation to principal Unes East of Chicar" 1 cortr.i-i.ou3 linea at terminal pointe "West, Northwest and Southwest -ia tho tri' '.; middlo-link in that transcontinental system which Invites and facil' 1 travel and trafile in either direction between the Atlantic and Pacific. XUo Koek Island main line and branches includo Chicago. Joliet, Ottawa, 'La. H, Pmvia, Oaneseo, Moline and Rock Island, in Illinois; JDavenport, MuncaL. u, Wa-ihington, Fairneld, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, West Liberty Jowa City, Dca l idianola, Winterset, Atlantic, Knoxville, Audubon, Harían, Quthrio o tmd Council Bluffs, in Iowa; Oallatin, Trenton, St. Joaeph, Cameron a i City, :n Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kansas; Albcrt To", i - leapolifl and St. V&v, in Minnesota; Watertown in Dakota. and bundreds c. . .„'ii: odíate cities, towns and villages. THE GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE antee r,;oed, Comfort and Safety to those who travel over it. Itsroiwibod i tod, lts track is of heavy steel. ïtc bridges aro Bolid 3 óf .tDnu and iron. lts rolling' stock is perfect aa human skill can niake 't. : -.9 tul the safety app'iances that mechanical sroniua ha3 invontod r.ncl : 'i ivecl vamable. ïts practical operation is conservativo and mothodi ' lts discipline trict and exaottofr. lheluxury of it) passeng-or nccoinnicJa¦ iocmalod m tho Wost- unsurpasaed in tho world. -5' fBSS THAI1ÍS botween Chicago and tho Missouri Rivcv conGirt A cc-nfortable DAY COACHES, raapiiflcent PULLMAN PALACE P AHJ-Oi'. and. LE3P1NG CABS, eleeant DIKINU CAES providin excellent aieals, and 7."T l7;,:i:9h,ioag'0' JaPÍ, Atchison ixnd ICansaa City- restful BECLIIIING TMZ AMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE [roet, favorito line between Chicaero and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Cvev Ulij i; juto coH.d Post Expresa Trains run daily to the simnwr re3orts, pictiu-ocov o tiea and huntinfr and flshine proundo of Iowa and Minuosota 'lho rioh . do and lands of interior Dakota ara roached via Watcrtov.-;:. A Gilprt üGGirablo route, via Senocn and Kankakec, ofiFers suporior inducenitnt ; Y i i-twcen Cincinnati, Indianr-rioliK, Lafayotte and ConncU EluíEj, Q{. Jos.--;:;M Atchison, Leavenworth, Kansua Ciiy, Minnoapolis, St. 3?aul and mtcr.'.5 points. .Mi closocr; of patrono, oapociaily familio.o, and c'iildrn, reeeivo iron; paacial end employés of Bock Island traina protootlon, i-oünactiul coiu-tófiy c kiü_ : on. Tlokota, Maps, Folders- obtainable at ais irincii riokot Giiicej Li t j.' ACCS and CiUiada - er cuy dcsired informaticn, address, R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, 'rtlkbntand Goneral üianager, Chicago. General Ticket and


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