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The Bicycle The Promotor Of Good Roads

The Bicycle The Promotor Of Good Roads image
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[Written for anti respeotfally dedloated to the A ss K ni inr the AtlvMiicetneut of ('ycll tig, und suggested by Lhe foilowlng Unes: "Breatbei therea man wUh soul sodead, Wlio liever to hlniself hath nald : - 'Give us better readtf ' "] lïreuthes therea man wlth rouI sodeud, Who liever to hlmsHf hatti aal!, Our land should mend her wh.vr? niooth rOdda mark wHl a imtton's rlae, l'Uey y it'ld dlsjmtrh, whidi men devllM POT Imsiness in our dnys. The steamed-wInKd horse that wr liuvc tütetaed To ppeed our tmins would soon be dl te bed But for tts senootta teel roads. Phe bloj ole- the Iaat laooea- lhe sllent, Kraceful, fust expres, Witli four self-weigtits lis load. Ha gone where ' Iron Steed" no'er twü, Aml asks what's due to hone tttd man in oonnliiefl olvllised. Eogland oad bo1 tn amplitude Bmootb roadfl for all her inultltude - Koüils well macadamized. The reverond clerjty " It tlipr--, ['Uysiclaiis, tOO, lts blesslngs hare, And 'tls the postman'a bOTM. Ta tourists the most perfeot raeans Kor vlewtng Kngland's laodsoape scènes Nol Ld the routine course. ín our nwn land thls noble stoed Is fband dow of the ponst breed- Pleet !¦ the Loagest mee. II ver of be&ltb ; tbroagta i-v'ry vin It makes the ltfe-blood ooorae agaln, And uaught can it replace. patrioti of thN great land ! Wecill on yon to take vmir stand And claim for 1'nhl c wcal, lliat L. A. W.- if It discrimínate, shall in' lor smooth roads thro' our Stato, For thls deservlng wheel.


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