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Coiisiinipiioii Cured. An ohl physieiun, retirad from praotice, Imviny huil placed in ti is hands tiy an Eat India missionary the formula "of x limpie vegetable leniedv lor the ipeedv and permanent cure of OoQMMuption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Astlimu and all throat and lung Aftections, nlton ponltlve and radical cnrc for Xcrvoiis DcMlily and Ind ill Xervoiis Comphiliits, after liuvin;.' realed Iti w Nm ful cirnttTx owerg in lliou-iindsi of enne?, liiis telt it his iluty to iii:ilic ir known to hls mfferlng fellowt. Aciimtiil hy tliis motive :ml i licsire to leli. ve human sull'cmijr. I ril] seud free of rli;irire to il who deolre it, tiiis recipe in crinan. Frencli or EnirlUh, uith IH11 iliicotioii'! tor prep:iriiiir ainl nirittff. Sent h i ii 1 1 1 hy üddrpnalnj; wiih sl;inii, iiiiinitiL' Iliis paper, V. A Noyes, 1 i:i l'.mvi'. Hlock, HocliestiT, N. Y. " HoM oftcii in tliis worlcl tlie nclions we condfmn are the results of sentiments tlmt we love, sa tl opinions li;it we iilmiru. - Mis. .liiine.son. ('apt. Mitchcll of the bark Antoine Sala, New Vork and 1 .-iv ma tr.i'lc, canie home in M;iv, i nlirt1iv liclplcss witli rhriuiial i-ni. !!¦ went to i li" moDntnlnSi bnt ioel?lng no hmtil, ut Ilis wife's nuMi-l l)(;an to ukiHood's Sxraaparillx. He liimediately bepunto lunpiove; in two 'iis 1 1 i unmtism was all none, uncí lie sailed in ' i'oiiinniiid ol his vcssi'l a wi II m ui. I lood 'm Sais:iiiirdl.i wil] help you. Sold hy all ilni'lsts.


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