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Real Estate Transfers

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i lie rollowlng Itst of real estáte transfers record Jiinuary 11, ÍW, Is reponed by Francls A. Slattery, Washtenaw County Abstract OrBce, seeond floor, Karmers aud Medíanles Bank, Aun Arbor. (illbert W. Brown to Chas. W. Ellls, Lote 1, 2, 3 and 4, b 1 a of r 1 w, In the vil lage of Moorevllle. Also pareéis of above 1,750 Geo C. Savery to JoIidsod and Ira C. Hack us, part of e % of s e y. sec 85. Also 1 a. i 11 t 1 s of r 5 e, t of Webster, 1,MO Lola Simmon, by helrs, to S. and M. 01 Atcheson, e K of w y of se 4 of sec 9. Also 5 a. off s of e y, of w % of ne !4 of 8ec9. All 111 1 1 sol r7e- 45 a. tof dallne 2,000 David B. Blancbard to Jos. C. Burcli s % of se 14 of sec 15 t 2, s r 3 e. 80 a. .Sylvan 2,500 Roben Howlett to John W. Howlett, e ', ef ne % of sec 30, t 1 s r 3 e. 80 a. Lyndon 3,040 Cooper & Tlcheuor, by helrs, to Hlram Plerce, nwuf sec 19 and 15 a. off e of w Jof seo 18, Lima 9,120 üeo. H. Williams to Wooster Blodgett, ;(¦ k. off w. slde of ue li of sectlou 28, Webster 3,000 Frank Joslyn to Phllander A Hannah Post, Lot 7, Pattee's Add. to Ypsllantl, 50 Aud, Oen. to Frank Jos ya. Lot 7. Pattee'8 Add. to Ypsllaull 1.20 Farmer Ureeu to M. C. K. II. Cío., part of Lot 237 lu Hunter's Add to Ypsllanll 1 Elvira J. Whltman to Sarah M. Joslyu. strip 4 rods wide, lylng s of Lot lttó lu clty oí Ypsllaull 1,000 Rachel L. Savery to George C. Savery. Two pareéis In e % of se J4 of sec 34, 1 1 stf r5 e, Webster 10 EllzaChandler, by helrs, to W.R. Bartlett, part of se of seo 33, t 4 s r 4 e, 16Ua, Brldgewater 1 E. W. Morgan to Thomas J. Keech, Lots 3 and 10 b 4 n r 14 e, Ín Eastern Add. to Anu Arbor.. s. John Maroney, by adm'r, to Daniel Maroney, n U of u % of sw í f sec. Ui, tof North&eld „.. lio Osma Cooper, by guardián, to Hlram Pierce, nw a oí sec 1 t of Lima. 1.IS4 Prudence E. Conk, by guardián, to Hlram Plerce, nw ;4 of sec 19 t of Lima. 1,184