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,c Celebrated The best shoe yet for the Best Americm Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, all cut Seamless Hirdwear in every pair. GOODSPEEO & SONS 17 South Main street. W. TREMAINE'S FIKE AD LIFE INMRMIIJI.IIMI' ! No. 16 East Huron Street, Opposite.Cook House. Ten KiiM-Chiss Companles represented. Assetts Over 826,000,000. ff niTTTTT tó rutthis out .ind reI Al Ij U turn to us, nd wa wil] usendyou I la P I fri'e' sometlMíií of ereat va lno III I I an.I linportance to . you, that will tart jon in niiirsi! which will bring yon In more money rijr.t away than niiytliinir etseïn this worlfl. Anyone "can do the work and ltve at home. Elther se ; all stres. Somethlog new, thatjust cuina money fr 11 workeriJ. We wlll start you ; capital n o' needed. Thla Ie one of the (renuine, important rh anees of a Mfetime. Those who are ambitiou-t aud enttrpri;ini? will DOt deldy. Addrese Trdï A Co., Anpnsta. Maine. ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, HTTE,OIT STBEET, Next door to the Farmer's una Meclianie's liaiik. HAIR CUTTING, SHAVINO, 8HAMPOONING AND DYBINQ. The b of Workmen ml Sutlsfactlon Uuaranteed. THE GREAT Germán RemedyJ TRUTHS FORTHESICK.n Kor Som üë&mly TToOnvnMHMÍ II lllBiliousSpoUsdotH'iu'l fnrncase where e i I. Ijl ! Mit will cure yon. nt assist or cure. Ir El U,v„„ Mir-rwltl, "'¦¦¦ fails. p BIlVndïf Cl'"n!"'' thc ' ''il'llH I I?.ÜL.',"}1B Rittebs; is tmpnriüesbnrrt I itmll i-urn vou. iwthroogb the sklnl II I Operatlvcs who are '" l"1"1!11'-. r.l.itclics.l I Hjclosely conflne.l „ "nil N.ri-8. Kcly on Qthe milis nd work -i nu lt BlTTERS.H iBshops; clerks.whodo :"'1 hcalth will fol Si H not procure sufllrlpnt '""' III Weserclse.aiidallwho T"777í7í"7"77777TTl I llareconflnedlnioor. _S ...i,'' ,11 !S not theu bc wcak an 1 "!, 6 ' m H lf "vuil dn nol ut, 8DLPHUR Hu IKltslB llltO8un"erfroni "'" ulldyou up andl I latUin, use a bottle of nll'k'' "u stronganillll list -i.i-iii r Hittkhs : healthy. llf 1C '"'VPr fn"S ""-""¦ -¦¦ ¦¦¦.- !¦¦¦ .,,.,. IJ M Dont be without a wlll m:kc yomliloodS Sbottle. Trylt: you iuro, richand strong.ta H will not nm it. n't your tlosh hard. ¦Y¦ III I.:ulie in aeUcate Try Solfhuk Hit 1 1 Hlhealth, who are all tküs to-nlght, andlll ¦llrun down, Rhouldtisc you will sleep wclilfl MSULPHruJïlTTKKH. iiti.l fei-1 l.èttiT forlt.U Do you want 5a leBt Me.lieal Work imliiished? Scnd 3 2--ent stamps to A. I'. Ordway 4 Co Boston, Mass., and recelve a copy, free. WsPl Ntlninlnf os Iho torpid livor. Nlrenirh oiiNthvaiKosUvtMM'Kuii. rvK-iilali-Mltao el, iiikI ure nin ,ual l UH uu ANTI-BILIOUS MEDICINE. InmalarlaldiNtriotN tlioir vlrluonare itlely t-i..,K, ,i,,.,i athy iiihih ,,c. SÜSISKBS!. " "ss ".vsiii r"" ,th"1 I"1sm. ll.suiiil.1 MiKur coatcd. DcisiMn;iil. l'riro, asets. Sold Everywliere. Office, 4 t Murray St., Nnw York HUICII I IwCilO tnn paper, orobtiin ettimstes on adverliting pace when in Chicago, will Itnd it on file at of LORD &THOMhSi TPIPrDiDUYLea"'lr"nil""' I KLCIjnHriri Y Kaódpay. Bltnattoiu ¦ fur.iUIud V. ut,. Brg., Jum-.-Mlli;, Wi


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