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Varieties Of Apples For Market

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An important reason why apple culture does uot ofteuer teturu H protit is the careess uianner In whicli varieties are usualy selected. No amount of good culture or shrewd marketing esn malta poor vurieties profltable. The selección of varie,ies 19 often a dilllcult task to thnge ïnexeriencel in orchard culture, botli trom lie jiri'.it numberof varieties fruin which to choose, nul from the fact tliat the same variety does uot thrivc equatly well iiulifferent places. The lirt dilUculty is easily evaded, is out of souie thonsand varictics u cultivation uot more tlmn twenty-five wnally prove tobe profitable in any focalty, and even of this uuinlx-r Ulereare selloni more tliau live or (lx whicli can be confidently reconimendcd. The seond difficulty niust be ovi-rconie by a close atuution to the applM which sucoeed best u the viciuity. Tlie three most important joints in a market aiple are these: A ïarily, viorous tree; a fjood bearer; a arge, red fruit. Unfortunately, there are rery few ples whicli combine these eatures In Michigan, In general, we are 'ortunate if we secure two of them in one vaiiety. Agents have been canvussing the ftate 'or the last two inonths and tnany salea of varicties liiive been made. Tfce )!.une is notalways, il', Indeed, it is usualy, the agent's. Tno many bnyers are in conditiou to belmposcd npon. Very often the }rent sells in food faith trees whicli are VulueleRS forthe ocality in which they are sold. It is to check such sales or to euable porchttsersto make iniellijrcni suli stitutious in their purchases tliattlns buletin is issiucl. Until the last few yeius the li.ildwin has leid the tírsl plncc Hinonir nüirket aiples. fhe iiicn asi il wverity of the winters, resultini; from the destiuction of timber. has muaed the Baldwin to snffer bove most )ther popular varieties. Uurin;; tlie winer of 1884-5 tifty old trees were killed in the College orcliaid, of which over forty vere Baldwlns, the remalader being mosty Rhode UIhimI Oreen ings. In tact, there 8 uot a Ti;orous tree of these v&rieties elt iu the orebard. All others nmonx he market surts were uot lujured. It is nore and more evident that the Golden {usset is one of the best market ttpples or this región. Tile tree is leinai kahly ïardy and Vlgoroua and a jíood bearer. l'he apples are unilorm in size and color, very firm, fair, and eood keepets. In narket they bring twenty per eent. leM h ui Baldwlm, bnt thls dlrorenee overalanced by their productiveness and lardiueM. RUMeta should he barreled in he fall to prevent wtthering. The Spy s a tardy and unreliable bearer; the ap pies are ..urn very impi-nei-L, auu lucj are too tender for distant markets. I should uot recommend it here for the tlit ter lands. Fameuse is one of the best when the fruit is fair, but it is unreliable. Canada Red, top-ffrafted, is one of the very best, and in this vicinity undonhtedly ranks next to the llussets, or perhaps superior to it. The St. Iyiwrence, Oldenlurgh and Twenty Üunce appcar to be amoiif; the best fall apples for this vii'uity. The Oldenburifh demands a close market, ho wever, as it decays soon. The { apples of recent introdiiction are lot yet sufflciently known to be reeora nended for protit.


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