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1 [lf [IM ISI I KMI UI lllt' V III KII.K LU Ilir [HU hibitlou aiueodinent tsttmely, but lt places it In raiher an anornalous posltïon towards lts party. The republlcaa party submltted the iiiuiMitimeut by a party vote and a inajority of ttie republicana win vote for lt at tbe pol Is. lt ia the democrats who oppose the araendnifiit. We wlll be glad to welcome the (Joukiek into tiie democratie fold.- Argus. Michigan is one of the sisterhooc) ol statescomposlng this nation. This nation is a government "for the people, by the the people and of the people." The peop'.e, not the legislature, compose the state. That is republican doctrine. The democratie doctrine, we should jiidge by the above is that this is a nation with state rights as a corner stone, and with the legislature composing the state. The course of the Courier on this question is entirely consistent and honorable. The republican party is willing that the majority should rule. In fact that is a vital principie in the foundation f this governinent." How, we ask, is the will of the majority to be found out except throoxb the ballot box? Are the democratie legislatnra who voted solidly Ualnat subtnittln? this amendment so wise that they knew the wlll of the -eope upon this qnestion before an expreision bad been had upon it at the polls? Or did they oppose submission merely for political capital? Or at the dictation of party bosst'? We shall have to pive our friend of the Arus a pointer. Ir msjority of republicana do favor the aiueiidinent it will be oarrieil, for there are matiy democrats who do not consider it a party question and will vote for it. lt will be wise not to attempt to make a party measure of this question - outside of the prohibition party. This amendment Is not a republican measure, neither is it a democratie ltss of party. The good of the state is above and beyond parties, and the decisión must be one unbiased by party aftiliation.


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