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The article in another column taken from tlmt stannch, democratie sheet, the Chicago Times, we hope every reader of the Codrieb will peruse. It is a beautiful( ';) article, flavored with the old-time seeession and fïre-lu-the-rear gentimenU, the Bame paper advocajec! daring tlie war times. It is R direct insult to every union lovinjr citizon of the l'nited States and a slap in the face of every soldier who lnaved the sonthern bullets to save this nation. Ken ISarker, of the Ueed City Clarion lias i rlnging editorial upon the article. Me appeals to his old comrades in this forcible language: "Wboever wrota t must be someone spewed out of the penitentiary or pest house, au outcast and outlaw in the face of society. No human being with deeency lelt, nor with auy real blood of humaiiity in his cowardly heart would write such fin article. The Tiines was cowardly euough when it was stabblng the union soldiers in their backs when they were at tlie front saving the union during the war. It Uien made a reputation which made it despised by every decent man and woman in every state In the north. Uut mean as it was then, the meanness of this article like that of an inf uriated dog released from long eaptiviiy, coming to snap at the feet and snarl at the fultering limbs of distressed and dying soldiers is meaner stlll. The 711:111 wlio coiild write that article could kill dying soldiers and their ajjed parestl with his own hands and riud amusement and satisfuetion in doing it. The The man who wrote it has the heart of a ilc vil and the spirit of two devils. He would fteal or poison or morder or stander, or buril up a house or blow up a city, or liarva a little eliild to death by slow tnrtlH, or do anything a öend on earth or a devil in sheol could do, except anything whtch would take courage. Yes he would steal tlie peunies from his dead inother's eyes. "The min who hides behind the mask of a newspaper and writes thus of dying men and dying old ptople who rave everything of their strength to help save their country, M nol merely a w retel) on the face of tlie earth. He is a creeping coward, a stealthy whelp, a .-kulkini; flend, an anlmated curse left among liv ing men to show how develish the hum in heart can he, and how necessary is 1 liell to punish people gullty of crinM that there is no adeqñtfl punishment tor within tlie power oY man or human govc rnnient." We fiope that not only every old sol dier, but eveiy Irue frieud of this government m it ík, wil] read the article n anotbei coluinn, taken bom the Chicago Time of Feb. 26th, 1887. Thnt nrticle shows the true iiiwardncss of the "lire-intlie-rcar," pttriott who flourished diunig the mr, nul who to-day occnsionally ciuit their felid rotten nesq upon the public through the (olunms of such democratlc sheets is tlie Chicago Times. And yet there are soine union soldiers in this country who train with the party of wliirh this slaiulerous Times is a leader. In another column will te foiiml a ii ioi](lcn?at!on of the new liquor law piopowd in tlic lower house of the legishiturc by Kepresentative Bates. In the main the law as proposed is right. It muy be soniething of a qiiestion about druggists brinj,' oblijwl to pay the same as other dealers. But our present law should be strengthened and put In pucIi shape as to inake the enforcement of t less complieated. and niore eflectual. The bilí establishing a state couscabulary is ooked upon with favor by many, but the general opinión is tht a fair trial oaffht ti bc ''wen it to test its praetioability. It is a good theory and may beeOBM a wist law.


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