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Ann Arbor, Micii., May 10, 1887. The lutlies of the Library Asaociation desire CO expresa tlieir hearty appreciation of the klndneM and enerosity ot meny citizens in the Harineas entertainment. Tlianks are dut to Prof. De Pont, Mm. I). M. Tyler, the Cheqauuiegon orchestra, Mr. H. Kundall, Mr. J. J. Olbsoii Mr. Ueo. Walir, Mr. G. W. Butts, Mr. J. C. Jocelyn and the gentlemen, who acted as ushers. Especiully to the several chairmen viz: Mrs. A. B. Palmer, Mrs. E. A. Kathbone, Mías Clara Wheelei, Mrs. Ora% Miss Jewett, Mrs. üunster, Miss Alu-e Douglas, Mm Lols Angelí, and lo all the young ladie and aentlemen who devoted time and nioney in the preparation of ElrmeM, are the thanks of the aesociation extended. To Mrs. Bacli, eneral thairmau and Ui Mrs. Prescott, chairnian of the genera! coinmittee for the ClrmeH party, the umooUUou is sreatly indebted. The proceedl of tlie Kirmess were I9W.7S. The association net $577.49. Prof. ÜePont receives from the uasociation $1(H) and trom the Saturday evening beuelit $110. -10. The associmion were enabled to make the paymeiit of $400 oti the debt on the library thus re(Inclnii the moríanse to $1,500. At the animal meeting of the Ladies' Library Asaociution otHcers and members of tin' board nf dirroton eiei tml as tollows: l'ren.-Mr. J. M. Wheeler. Vlce Pres.-Mrs. A. lt l'almer. Sec'y- Mrs. W. W. Hemau. Tnas- Mrs. O. A. layoox. Meinbers of the Board - Mrs c'. 11. Stowall, Miss Alk-e Diugliis, Miss Male Mis Th s. H. C'ouley, Mrs. li. A. Balhboue, Mrs. W. W. lieinitii. The trcasmcr ivpnrteil for Ike year closiiii; April 11, 1S87 : Keuelpt8 } US S8 lnr, ini'iils :iU0 8 UhhIi In Treasury t 1 M 'l'lie libnivian's ri-poit ihowi Uit) boakt iiücled since llie last W part. inclmies the sixty or nure booki rt'ci-ivt'il at the booh ri'ccptiDn, tile fraftern bound pcriudicftls, tour books parcbaseü ar.d all unbouud books duMMad. Whole No. of book8 In llbrary . . . 2.800 No. of books (ireulKled auiiiiK tli j inr, i.btii No. of iitHgiizInPH Ü.U38 No. of persons drawlng books 1K6 Nu. ol uew mem bers 25 ! Dr. C. H. Merrimaii, orlntholoirltl tri tlie ileiiattruent of (lricultore, in his reporl recommendi the riestmction at the Lngliih Sparrows, and MJ( tiiat tliis bird is a curse of inch viruleuce tliat it ougbt to lie systeimitically Rttacked :md dt'stroyed bef oro it becomes necessaiy to deplete tlie publto treiisuiy for the ] parpóte, m liits been done In utlrer couutrie. "D. Hennlng has notltleil Mnyor Smllh that he wlll deed hl property In tront ol lb M. r. depot for a park, If the city ol Aun Arbor wlll agree to Ux lt up.- Kloek l:rldge Sun. Who told yon so? This is ptoMb4y another instaiiee or jjoing aw iv froai lionic to liiiil out the neus.


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