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The Lonely Grave

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Krom the New York Inilepenlrnl. i!o. ui the street the soldlors ramg Wlth stcady, marchtng feet. The "bands" were iteiidlng every where Thelrstralns of muMc sweet. My 1 1 u Kill.' went wlth me Tu watco the soldlerastrew Krlt-ht boda aml hlossoms on the graves Of itieir old comrades true. One lone, neglected grave lay bare Heslrie Ihe fence near by. "Whose Is it? " Etlie asked of me. "Some strangerV answered I . Now here, now there, the flowers were latd Hy loving, loyal hands, In honor of the nieu who dled At Kreedom 's loud deniand. 1 mUs my llttle one at lust. And t ii i 1 about to see If In tin crowd that gitthered in-iu My llttle glrl mlght be. Not tllf re ! All DO ! but clotte ht-sldiThe stranger's grave I fouud The ll'tleflzurc stooplng low, And pulllng from the ground The y.-: luw duodelions wlilch grew 80 free for all to flnd. 8ha ralsed her Iroubled eyes to mine : "Miuniini. lt wiisu't klml To ptlè tliose tlowers all over tliere. And glve the siiano-r none. I'in Mi-ry for thls grave, mamma, 'Cause lt Is all alone." And Uien nlie spreiul wlth llttlo hands, the grave so bare. Her golden dandellons, and dressed The lonely spot wlth care, wlilh' the braecea klssfil hercheek And sllrrod her curls of gold. And down the 'eafy avenue The martlal muslc rolled. "TIiiti'. now, mamma, the strangcr won't HVi'l lonely any more !" I claxped my bahy In my rma Aml kUseil her o'er aud oVr. And well I know that angels blesscd Thechlld I boreaway; Tlic child who dressed the ítranger's grava " Oq Oecoratlon ï)ay.


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