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Temptation Of A Broker's Life

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Prora the start, tlie boy entering a iiokci's oilice will be intrustcd with ante suins of money to carry to the bank or to ctlttoioen. Hu muy be i" .-ni y office wbere bank-bills and shiniug gold are witliin his reach al I Ule time; anü he wlll be m completely absorbed in rhesubect of stocks, bonds and inoney, tltat it will be somewhat stranae if he does not oon begin to look ut the jeUliig of inoney, as the most Important business of ife. And when lie is a Hule older and iucoini-8 clerk or cashier, lie will be. 6tlosed to the temptation to increase his ncorae by stock-gambtiiijr, "ípeculuting," s it is called, on his own account. Sucli 'entures are of course very hazardous, nd on all accounts should be shunned. A broker rcquires greut strength of haracter to resist tlie temptatiou to get wealthy by false niethods; and a boy bould think long and wel I before he dopts the callinjr. For the broker's busiueu is at best iintable. The work is doue quiekly in the nhtet of };reat exciteniunt and at "blgh ircssuie," as we say. As inoney comes ulckly and easily to the broker, it. is not o hKiily prized aa if it were earned by be tml which produces a visible result, nid it iisually oes as easily as it comes. imkers, of poursc, dt'fend their own 0Cupalloo. Tlit-y will tell yon that their ervicea as ajíenta in lecuring stocks and londs are needtd ; bul thcy will not ileny lint stock brokerage wonld cease to be a rolitalde business, exoept to a few llrms, f people tren to stop tppoulatínc in ecurities. Of coursi', there ure muy en in tlils business who have riten to vcalth and to i-mineuce a8 fiiíaaclen, vho wonld taern to lo a mein or dislonorable act. All lionor to suoh tnen, lecause they must have been sorely emptfd to do wrong;. [ wmild nnt be unjuH to tlils larjíe lasa of ne i, so iruuy of whom 1 ave peional tralts whlch we are hounii to adnire. They are opcu-huiHU'd wlth their ncans. Their word to one another is as tood as a bond. In fact, a larjre propnrion of the business transncted upon .ie Cxchange is done without written conract, and depends eolely upou the pood 'aith of the members concerned. Their )romptncss to íespond on public appeals or aid or sympathy is proverbial. Yet all this bhould have no íntluence upon n oy who is deelding whetber or or no he


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