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Whither Are We Drifting

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From the Detroit Journal. Michigan islikelyto loseits reputation for (he numerous murderscoinmitted liere by iíainlnr a name for a crime tlmt is even wiiic ilmn mulder. A --nu lts upoti young girls nuil womcii are becoininic couimon, nul tlie light penakie whicli are visited upon tliein will encourage rather than repreas them. The appurent uniraportance attached to the horrible acciistttion Igalmt Dr. Wcir, of Oscodu county, and the rune witli which he slipped through lindel - of thu otHciaU were a disgracelul retlection upon public sentiment in that commuuity. Lust week one Matt luw -, cliared with au useault upon a chlld of 7 yeara at Hillmnn, Montmor?ucy county, wns tcqaltted, but told to leave town. uhich mu9t have meant that, tuousrh the Jury belleved him puilty, it wou ld not punish him. Daniel Vaughi), of Mecoata county, left tiia family last week beCMlte his m-ilibors ñnally threatened vengeance upon him tor repeated adsiuilts upon his daughter, ajjed 11. He ogbt to have been sent to the penitentinry. One Jackson and four other scoundiels in Montmorency county conspired igainst a school teacher. Althnugti 8he foujjht the fiends untll she was nearly dead, Jackson 011 his pica of jrtiilty, was wntenoed tojust six months in the De:roit house of correction. (ommunities tlmt will not protect the couimon rijfhts 'I wofflen better than tliis are on a low l;iiic of civilization.


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