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mM ' f O D Cptff'C THE Buperlority of Coralino over horn or whalebone has now been demonstrated by over Blx years experience- It ia more durable, more pliable. more comfortable, and NEVER BREAKS. The immense sale of thase Corseta li now over 7OOO dally. Beware of worthless imitationa bonei with various kinds of cord. None are g-enulne unleaa " Dr. Warner's Coralina" la printed on lnaldeol the steel FOB BALE BY ALL LEADI8G MERCHANTE. UflEMFI? RI?n 257 4 259 8UU8tM yyAiyiitiüup., chicaco, ill. lffillTTTTT to be made. Cut thla out and reI III L V "'r" '" ""¦ '"' W1 w"l "-rJyi'U III 1 1 IV P I ln''' oinUliig oi nat va ln llljlll 1 nil importaoce toyou, thi ill .-tart jou in bufaMM wliich will brine you in more money lig, t away than aüytlinii.' slsein ihls worln. Anyone "can do die wort arnl live at home. KHhi-r sex ; all e. Soiurthtng neu . tluti just cuins money tur all workera. W n ill start you ; capital no' needed. Thií If onc i ihe ircuuliie.laiporiam ctuncet il a 'ilfilme. Th"s ln in amhltlou and ooterprlln(t wlll not delay Address Tkuk 4 Co., AntMmta. Maine. W. TKEMAINE'S FIKK AND I.lFi: IIURAACPCV ! No. 1 East Hurón Street, DppatfUOook Houw. Timi Klrsl-riuss l'oniimniis reprwentpd. Assetts Over $25,000,000. iai-i:uH. TRAVEL VIA rrrMBHBi Through Trains uilth Dlnlnf II ' ITll Car$ Pullman Palace Slttplll HIUII II "") c"'5' Modern Coachis. Bp4ááéLBBliLw connections In Union 19 ' fimlll wii o' I' terminal pointi. B 1 1 ' I I --SII ""' trains f rom and to the ¦UHMIII f"s'. '. "' a"d Sou"1¦XMPVH Ctieapest. Best and Quickest BfcJU II Route (rom Chicago, Peoría ¦mmm 5J Cr St. Louis to DENVER. ST. PAUL, SAN FRANCISCO, MINNEAPOLIS, OMAHA, PORTLAND, ORE, KANSAS CITY, ST. JOSEPH, CITY OF MEXICO, ATCHISON. For Tickets, Ratet, Mam, Ac. apply to Ticket Agent! tf connecting Unes, or address T. J. POTTER, H. B. STONE, PAUL MORTON, Ist V. P. Q. M. 0. P. i T. A. Kor a. l' Ik-tion&rjr i-ontsIniiiK Si.OOil wurds, l'ak''.i -ml &. In simula to l'aul Murtón. WTHISPñPER- Kewspaper Alverti8ing Buruau (10 Spruca pil %li%W%U U iuuUi tor it lülibff lUIIIll


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