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The Jefford's Monument

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In comteotinn witli tlio Fourth Michigan reunión, the membera of wbicb regiment uiulcrtiikcn ii work that they eurncsily endearoT to earry rtirongh, and tliey are pxpected to make u ftentle ap':il to ilic rymjiatliy and generostt]' ol the people rhere thee reunióos are held. Tlie woik wlúelí tliey havo undertnkeo la ih-it of erectlnj; inotfnmeiit for ilie regiment, apon the battlefleld of Qettygborg, upon or oear the spot where Col, H. H. Jotlurils, conini inilcr of the regl ment feil mortalïy wounded. He waiaréïident of Waihteoawcoanty, formerly a student of the University, and bad been enjraged In teaching. At the outbic-ak of thu rebellion, be enllsted as a llcatenant, served fatthfully wltb the regiment, and in time, was promoted to rhe rank ol colonel. In tlic terrible ordeal whlch the regiment páased tbrongfa at Oettysbur, wherc frlend and foewere oommlngled, the reglmental ilug was seized by the rebels and wai belng borne off, when Jeil'oids nubed after them, amóte aown tne cftptora wit h his sword, seized and reoovored the tl ijr, when othir reliéis liirneil iipon liini and tlmist a bayonet tlir(m;ii Mis body - and the oM iiuj; was njjaln yl!dcd to tlie rebels ns he fell writhiiif? in (he nfíonies of dentli. The records of the war depnrtment indícate II. II. Jeffords was the only offlcer killed by a bayonet tlirnst uion the gory field of Gettysburg. Ilinv iimeli can Washteninv county contribnte toward tlie erection of a monument to the memory of her son upon tlmt historie battltlield ? The aiithoritics of the Unlverxity desire U8 to expresa their Kgrat lluit tliey are unable to invite to tlie ttmt-centennial bauqiMt maiiy citizcns liom tliey Imve boen glad lovttleOBM to Ooinniencement (lionera in pmrtoBi ynMS. Tlicy have refrarded it as their duly lirst of all to inake roost tor the alumni and certuin ofHciiil {?u'8t8, 8tich u tX-MfDtt, invited ilelegiites trom other colleges and Uuiveriities, etc. It is vciy dHficnlt to make nltabU provisión for all the Alumni who will bc present and will wish to altend. Oor cilizens who are not alumni, is liopi'd, ap[)iciiiii' the eircuiutUnoet which now restiict the invitations. All will be very welcome, its u-u:il. tO the public ezenntet ot tlie week. Krom tilt: L. A. W. Buik-tin, June 10: "It was Juiuiis K. Beat, "f Ann Arbor, Mlch., whp moved ut St. Loull to make the League color purple. mul wben his motloD was oarrlnd be telegraphed home to ftnteb dl tbe edga oí the Michigan KKiil book lu that color."